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Weight Loss Products & Atkins Diet Plan
Fast - Powerful - Natural Weight Loss Supplements
With Long Term Weight Loss Diet Program

Atkins For Life Hoodia Gordonii Green Tea Extract Tonalin Low Carb Chocolate Drink
The Power of Positive Habits eBook Download


1. Atkins For Life Cd-Rom When it comes to weight loss programs Atkins has the best selling plan ever! Stop struggling with your weight! A healthy weight and a healthy body have never been so easy to achieve. This audio book can help you stay on the Atkins diet long-term, while eating delicious foods, achieving optimum health, and keeping slim. The CD-ROM includes over six months of menu plans. "A comprehensive overview for dieters who are ready to embrace the Atkins philosophy."-Publishers Weekly

Millions of followers already know that the Atkins Diet really works...and new, important studies from leading universities agree. Where, in the past, the Atkins Diet has been the center of medical controversy, it has now been medically proven that eating the Atkins way is not only delicious, it's a safe and effective plan for shedding pounds for good. Followers are hungry for more information on how to stay on Atkins -- and that's what this book delivers.

More than 6 months of menu plans - and 125 recipes! Staying on Atkins has never been so easy. Atkins for Life - The Complete Controlled Carb Program for Permanent Weight Loss and Good Health. By Robert C. Atkins, M.D - #1 New York Times Bestselling Author and founder of The Atkins Center for Complementary Medicine

Brad, Langley, Canada - "I was sick of hearing laughter and whispering as I walked down the hallways at school, trying to wear 'thin color' dark clothing and always being jealous of the thin people who were laughing at me. I saw the results my grandma was getting from eating this way, so I decided to try it. During my first week, I lost 12 pounds, and then I knew Atkins was going to work. By September 2000, after five months, I was down to 158 pounds. The first day of 11th grade was like the first day of school all over again. School friends who hadn't seen me all summer were shocked, and said ' Wow! You're thin!' Most teachers didn't recognize me. I've kept the weight off for 2 1/2 years now, and I'm feeling better then ever." He also includes Walking and cardio.

Kristy, Ozone Park, N.Y. - "I yo-yo dieted my whole life, but then I found Atkins and reached my goal weight in 15 months. I have kept the weight off ever since." She also includes thirty minutes cardio four times a week and 30 minutes weight training three times a week.

Miles, Wellington - "Thank you!" He also includes Walking, running, swimming and going to the gym.

2. Hoodia Gordonii (20:1 Concentrate) Equivalent to 10,000 mg of Whole Plant) - 120 Capsules - Hoodia gordonii is a Stimulant-free diet weight-loss supplement, all-natural, plant found in the Kalahari Desert of South Africa that has been used by tribes for thousands of years to help stave off hunger while on long hunting expeditions.

This supplement works by "tricking" your brain into thinking you've eaten, so you feel fuller. Researchers believe a molecule found in hoodia gordonii (known as P57) is responsible for its ability to promote appetite suppression and increased energy levels. And, it has no known side effects.

Bob E. - I recently ordered 2 bottles of Hoodia diet supplements & am writing to let you know how pleasantly surprised I am with your Hoodia. The Hoodia is helpful in controlling apetite without having undesirable stimulant side effects. The Hoodia seems to be an ideal adjunct for losing weight when combined with a healthy diet & regular exercise. Also it was a pleasure doing business with your company that places such a high priority on its friendly & responsive customer service.

Curtis and Jeanne - My wife and myself started using the Hoodia capsules about a month ago. The first two weeks I lost 12 pounds and my wife lost ten. The last two weeks has slowed down, I have lost another 9 pounds and my wife another 9 pounds. This is without any hunger discomfort, in fact we have to make sure that we eat the right things for our health, because we just get all we want to eat very quickly. We would and do recommend the product. We simply tell people that we don't sell the product, but it does work for us.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 2 capsules before each meal or as directed by a physician.

Other ingredients: Kosher hypromellose (vegetarian capsule), cellulose and magnesium stearate.

Warnings: Pregnant or lactating women, diabetics, hypoglycemics, and people with known medical conditions and/or taking drugs should consult with a licensed physician and/or pharmacist prior to taking dietary supplements.

Double safety sealed with an outer shrink wrap film and an inner bottle freshness seal. Do not use if either seal is broken or missing. Store in a cool, dry place.

3. Green Tea Extract - 100 Capsules - 500 mgs. Green tea is emerging as one of the most important botanical supplements in the dietary supplement industry. Green tea is one of the oldest health remedies known to man and its beneficial effects were documented thousands of years ago in traditional Chinese medicine. In fact, population studies indicate that green tea consumption in eastern Asia has been responsible for multiple health benefits, including anti-cancer effects, weight control and the promotion of cardiovascular health. In some oriental nations, green tea is a staple in the diet.

For example, Japanese and Chinese people may consume more than 10 cups of green tea per day as a refreshing drink. In contrast, in Western society the most popular beverage is coffee, but coffee does not present the versatile and potent health benefits that have been associated with green tea consumption. So important is the research on green tea, that in Japan green tea is used as a disease preventive and it has been accepted by the Japanese Government as playing a specific role in the potential prevention of cancer. These claims have not been made to the same degree in Western society, but the power of green tea is apparent in many recent scientific articles that describe benefits on body functions such as immunity, cardiovascular function, brain function and even weight control. It is important to note that much of the literature supports the use of green tea as health giving when taken as a beverage, not necessarily when it is taken in capsule form. For these reasons, I formulated a new innovative green tea liquid concentrate. This green tea liquid concentrate is alcohol free. It contains many other antioxidants that need to be given in a balanced manner for several potential health benefits. The liquid concentrate of green tea is loaded with powerful antioxidants and polyphenols. The principle natural substance that provides much of its health benefit is a compound with a complicated name, epi-gallo-catechin gallate, otherwise known as EGCG.

Natural source of antioxidants. Proven aid for weight loss.

Green tea has also aids in weight loss by increasing the metabolic rate, causing those who use it to experience greater calorie burn.

A recent study further validates green tea's weight loss effectivness. A new study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition (Vol. 81, No. 1, 122-129, January 2005), indicated the ingestion of a tea rich in catechins (catechins are a major component of green tea extract) leads to both a lowering of bodyfat and of cholesterol levels.

Green tea is a natural source of antioxidants, which neutralize harmful molecules in the body known as free radicals. Researchers have found that epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), an antioxidant-like compound found in green tea, is over 200 times more powerful than vitamin E in neutralizing pro-oxidants and free radicals.

Studies have already shown that green tea may lead to a lower risk of skin, lung and prostate cancer, but now, it appears that the nutrient's EGCG may be effective at lowering the risk of esophageal cancer. Researchers at Harvard Medical School and VA Boston Healthcare System found that EGCG effectively inhibited the growth and reproduction of esophageal cancer cells. It was found that EGCG induced "cell suicide," preventing the cancerous cells from replicating. In addition, increased EGCG concentration led to a higher rate of cell suicide, with no harm to healthy cells.

In recent studies, green tea extract (standardized to 90 mg of EGCG) increased the 24-hour energy expenditure in human subjects, thus aiding in weight reduction. Plus, the antioxidants of green tea are also beneficial for the heart, as they help decrease levels of LDL ("bad") cholesterol. In addition, green tea contains a small amount of caffeine (1% or 5 mg), so it serves as a mild appetite suppressant.

Evidence clearly indicates that green tea is a darned good health-promoting supplement, and a good weight loss supplement as well. It's one of the few natural supplements that has some decent clinical proof validating its claims. Well worth trying, if you've got a good diet and exercise program under way.

NSI Green Tea Extract is a formula containing 500 mg of this ingredient, standardized to 45% of EGCG.

Green Tea Extract [standardized 98% polyphenols (490 mg), 45% epigallotechin gallate (EGCG)(225 mg)]

Free Of Gluten, corn, soy, yeast, wheat, lactose, fish, eggs, colorings, or preservatives.

Directions: As a dietary supplement, take 1-2 capsules daily with meals or as directed by a physician.

4. Tonalin XS-CLAT -- 1g (1,000 mg) - 120 Softgels Safe and effective weight loss aid containing no harmful stimulants. Studies show that it may increase lean muscle and reduce the amount of fat stored in body.

NSI Tonalin® XS-CLAT is a clinically proven and patented conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) formula. CLA is a naturally occurring fatty acid, derived from safflower seeds (a premium dietary source of CLA). Studies have shown that CLA inhibits lipoprotein lipase, an enzyme that breaks down fat from our diet so that it can be absorbed and stored in the body. By suppressing this enzyme, CLA helps reduce the amount of fat deposited and stored throughout the body. Each NSI Tonalin XS-CLA softgel features clinically proven and stimulant-free Tonalin, containing 72-82% CLA, up to 35% higher than other brands.

Tonalin XS-CLA helps to increase lean muscle, which burns more fat calories, resulting in natural slimming. In a trial published in a recent issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, Tonalin XS-CLA was shown to reduce body fat mass (BFM) in healthy, but overweight adults. Because you're reducing body fat, not water, the weight loss is more permanent and healthy.

As evidenced by multiple studies published in Cancer Research, CLA is an effective antioxidant, shown to impart immune-boosting properties. Research also suggests that CLA may reduce the inflammation that occurs when the immune system is challenged. Various animal studies have shown that Tonalin XS-CLA may also offer benefits for arteriosclerosis by lowering both the LDL ("bad") and total cholesterol, along with the triglyceride counts.

5. Walker Diet Low Carb Shake Mix Chocolate -- 18.25 oz 24g Protein, 1g Net Carbs! Effective meal replacements. Sugar-free, fiber-rich, hunger relief. Chocoholics unite! You've found your salvation with this sumptuous shake, loaded with the finest Dutch cocoa. It's as healthy as it is delicious, stocked with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients, and is a perfectly refreshing accessory to your low carb lifestyle.

Dive into a sinfully rich taste sensation, with Walker Diet's line of shake mixes. These multi-functional low carb shakes are effective meal replacements, as well as the perfect snack for those times when you need a nutritious "pick-me-up." They're delicious on their own, and by simply blending in some ice, you can enjoy a frothy, creamy shake. Plus, they're specially designed for the busy lifestyle!

In addition to having just 175 calories or less per serving, these shakes contain no aspartame, saccharin or sugar, and are loaded with 600 mg of glutamine peptides, which control your sugar and carbohydrate cravings. And a unique time-released process aids slower digestion, thus providing long-lasting hunger relief, while promoting healthy blood sugar. The shakes feature a protein-rich Proleic Blend, which helps to build and preserve lean muscle tone. These shakes are also incredibly fiber-rich, which is useful for weight loss. Plus, health experts recommend a high-fiber diet to help defend against colon cancer and other diseases. In fact, these shakes actually contain more fiber compared to many breakfast cereals!

And when you drink one of these tantalizing treats, you are actually burning fat! Careful amounts of high oleic monounsaturates with EFAs help to optimize fat burning and heart health, while activating the CCK hormone, which provides a feeling of fullness. And as they're part of the Walker Diet, they are packed with essential antioxidant vitamins, minerals and nutrients, including 100 mg of choline, an anti-fat nutrient which helps to support immune function and reduce stress brought on by the oxidation produced by the fat-burning process.

Recent studies have shown that cocoa or dark chocolate has potent health benefits for people. Dark chocolate is full of the flavonoids epicatechin and gallic acid, which are antioxidants that help protect blood vessels, cardiac health, and prevent cancer. It also has been effectively demonstrated to counteract mild hypertension.

A study by scientists in the United States has found that a cup of hot cocoa is rich in powerful antioxidants.

Previous studies have also shown these chemicals, which can protect against a range of diseases and reduce the effects of ageing, are found in cocoa.

However, this latest study suggests cocoa may be richer in antioxidants than better known "healthy" drinks like tea and red wine.

In recent years, a number of studies have highlighted the health properties of tea, red wine and cocoa.

A study in China, published in April last year, found tea drinkers were about half as likely to develop cancer compared with people who did not drink tea.

A cup or two of hot cocoa every once in a while can provide a delicious, warm and healthy way to obtain more antioxidants

Dr Chang Yong Lee, Cornell University - Just over a year ago, researchers in France reported that a glass of red wine a day may cut a man's chances of having a second heart attack by half.

In 1998, a study of more than 8,000 Americans found chocolate, which is made from cocoa, may even extend life.

They are all rich in polyphenols, chemicals that have an antioxidant effect on the body.

This means they can "mop up" free radicals - charged particles, produced by the body, which can damage cells and trigger diseases like cancer.

Dr Chang Yong Lee and colleagues at Cornell University in New York carried out tests to measure antioxidants levels in tea, red wine and cocoa.

A cup of cocoa came out on top. Their study found it was twice as rich in antioxidants as a glass of red wine, up to three times richer than a cup of green tea and up to five times richer than black tea.

Although cocoa is found in many other products, such as chocolate, the researchers said drinking it was the best way of harnessing its health benefits.

This is because a bar of chocolate is high in saturated fats. A 40g bar of chocolate contains about 8g of saturated fat. This compares with 0.3g in an average cup of hot cocoa.

"Although we know that antioxidants are important for good health, nobody knows the exact daily amount required per person," said Dr Lee.

"Nevertheless, a cup or two of hot cocoa every once in a while can provide a delicious, warm and healthy way to obtain more antioxidants."

The study is published in the American Chemical Society's Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.
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