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Tea Guide

Island Teas sells fantastic green, extract, herbal, white, Chinese, English, Japanese, flavored, decaf and organic tea and tea sets retail or wholesale.

Benefit of Green Tea

Green Tea Health Learn all about the wonderful health benefits that green tea offers.

Tea Leaf Reading & Symbols

Reading Tea Leaves A complete online guide to learn how to read tea leaves. Our easy to use search feature, online lessons and symbol glossary makes it fast to find anything you need to know about tea leaf reading and what the various symbols mean.

Tea Leaf Reading Online Introduction to the Art of Divination from Tea Leaves, methods, principles, symbols, interpretations and omens.

Tea Books

Recommeded Reading A recommended list of books about tea from a well experienced tea drinker to help you learn all about teas from around the world.

Green Tea

Frappuccino New Best Seller - Save money and make your own Frappuccinos, Lattes' and Smoothies at home with our instant Matcha green tea Frappuccino powder. It's better than Starbucks - fast - easy - delicious - healthy and low in caffeine with sugar or sugar free. Available plain or in four natural flovors too
Frappuccino Wholesale Buy our instant Matcha green tea Frappuccino mix wholesale direct and save lots of money. Buy Plain, Melon, Blackberry, Blueberry or Vanilla cream natural flavored frappe' powder.
Matcha Exquisite Japanese Matcha green tea powder from Shizuoka Japan.
Matcha Bulk - Wholesale Buy Exquisite Japanese Matcha green tea powder from Shizuoka Japan wholesale bulk.
Recipes Free healthy and delicious green tea powder recipes.
Chinese Green Tea Premium loose leaf and gunpowder green teas from China.
Japanese Green Tea Delicate and healthy Sencha green tea from Japan.
Green Tea Extract Powerful green tea extract provides EGCG, lowers LDL ("bad") cholesterol and assist in weight loss.

Herbal Tea

Herbal Green Tea Fantastic and delicious herbal green tea blended with pesticide free natural herbs for weight loss.
Chai Tea A traditional Indian Marsala herbal tea blend with healthy spices.
Essiac Buy Essiac in concentrated liquid herbal form - a real bargain - fantastic for natural cancer therapy in humans and animals. Just add several drops of Essiac to any beverage three times daily.
Rooibos Caffeine free Rooibos tea (red tea) has a wonderful taste and many health benefits.
Rooibos Health Benefits This page list the nutritional facts contained in Rooibos Tea.

White Tea

White Tea Chinese white loose leaf tea is the rarer form of green tea buds harvested only
during the 3 day blossom season.
Silver Needle The Supreme, delicate and rarest form of white tea is Silver Needle tea.

Oolong Tea

Oolong Semi-fermented tea from the Fujian province of China will please any palate.

Organic Tea

Organic Tea Wonderful organic teas from around the world.

Flavored Tea

Flavored Tea Delicious natural flavored estate and herbal teas for your delight.

Decaf Tea

Decaf Tea Healthy decaffeinated loose leaf teas.


Tea Pot We offer a great teapot for best tea infusion with infuser basket with press retail or wholesale.

Wholesale Tea

Tea Wholesale We offer great wholesale prices for green tea, herbal tea and white tea, etc.

Tea Store

Island Teas Here are the links to our online tea shop where we offer teas wholesale or retail direct.

Tea Faqs

Frequently Asked Questions About Tea Quickly learn the answers to the most common questions regarding tea.


Tea Brewing Instructions on the best ways to brew, infuse, steep and store tea.


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