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Japanese Sencha Green Tea
Premium or Organic - Loose Leaf

Japanese Sencha Green Tea
In the early spring, farmers in the Uji district, traditional center of the Japanese tea industry, cover the tender young leaves with bamboo screens to protect them from the afternoon sun. While most farmers use these shade-grown leaves to produce Matcha, the green tea powder used in the tea ceremony, the Nagata family processes these prized leaves into Sencha, the highest quality leaf. The bud and top two leaves are cut, steamed, rolled into tight curls, dried slowly in ovens, then packed to seal in the fresh taste and aroma of just-picked tea. In order to insure the richest, most authentic green tea flavor, Haiku Green Tea teabags are always two full grams of 100% Nagata Japanese Organic Sencha Tea, the finest quality in the world. True connoisseurs of Japanese green tea will drink nothing else.

Japanese Uji Sencha green tea produces a light liquor, fresh and smooth with reasonable depth and body. The cherry flavoring and subtle rose hints give the tea a wonderful exotic refreshing character.

The name Sencha is said to be derived from the way it was originally drunk, that is, by decocting in Japanese word of SENJIRU. The leaves are first steamed and then hand-rubbed and dried. This is the most popular kind of tea among the Japanese and consists about 80% of all Green tea produced in Japan. The trees are not covered with a shade so that their leaves contain a high percentage of Caffeine, Tannin and well-balanced Vitamins and are particularly rich in Vitamin C. Our high quality Sencha leaves have a beautiful green color, earthy aroma and the shape of thin straight needles. The latter is the result of a skilled and elaborate handiwork of rubbing which helps the components to be readily dissolved into hot water. When poured into a cup, Sencha is colored bright yellow. Its aroma is light and refreshing and its taste is a perfect harmony of sweetness and bitterness. As a result of these qualities, Uji Sencha has been the tea lovers' most popular choice in Japan.

Organic Tea - Dr. Wald takes great pride in bringing you these prized teas. Each is Certified Organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI), an independent service organization developed specifically for the purpose of certifying the authenticity of produce which is organically grown. Cultivated with a zealous adherence to organic regulations, these teas and herbs are grown without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides, using only sustainable agricultural methods.

Every purchase of these Certified Organic teas helps support the meticulous ecological balance practiced in these remarkable gardens, resulting in these pristine, natural teas. Working in harmony with nature provides us with the highest quality Certified Organic teas and herbs in the world. These fine teas and herbs represent a commitment to a way of life that takes care of the Earth and its resources and uses them in a socially responsible way.

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