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Flavored & Herbal Teas - Loose Leaf - All Natural
30 Day Unconditional Guarantee!
Refreshing - Rich - Natural!
Blended By Dr. Wald

All our teas are purchased directly from the brokers right off the ships from around the globe and are the finest fresh harvested teas available in the entire USA! All the herbs used in my blends are ethically gathered at peak potency. The herbs are free of pesticides and herbicides, and are not fumigated or irradiated. Also, all flavoring used in my blends are purely natural.

The black tea flavored blends are made with an exotic blend of Chinese Yunnan and high elevation Ceylon teas.

ASSAM TEA - With over 35,000 tea estates, India is the largest tea exporting country. Three distinct geographically separated tea growing regions; Assam, Nilgiri and Darjeeling, produce three entirely different teas in both style and taste. Assam is the original Indian tea and due in part to an annual rainfall that can reach 150 inches a year, it is also the largest tea-producing region in the world. Teas grown here in Northeast India are simply referred to as "Assam" and present a golden tippy, rich, malty cup, well-suited to the addition of milk. This is why Assam Tea is best for a hearty and robust Breakfast blend.

CEYLON TEA - Our HIgh Elevation Ceylon Tea is a black tea with a full leaf orange pekoe, medium-bodied tea with a hint of sweetness and typical lemony notes. Delicate and aromatic.

Until the 1880's, very little tea was grown in Ceylon. Now known as Sri Lanka, the verdant hills are planted with world class tea. The of the top tea estates boast a presence and can be depended upon for the finest pluckings. The tea produced on these estates is still called Ceylon and is considered some of the best in the world. The principal production of Ceylon tea is of black or fully oxidized tea. The highland teas are exceptional, but since they are grown at elevations of seven thousand feet, they are also rare. Dr. Wald only uses these high elevation Ceylon teas which are the best for blending with fruit and essential oils, like my Extra Bergamot Earl Grey Tea. This tea is light, exotically fruity, and the intoxicatingly fragrant with superior black teas leaves and produce an uplifting cup.

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 "Heavenly Nights" Herbal Tea (No Caffeine) Richly Blended Chamomile Flowers, Spearmint/Peppermnt, Ultra French Lavender, Linden Flowers & Lemon Verbana. 8 OZS.
 Only $9.99
 "FLORAL HEAVEN" LAVENDER BLENDED TEA Rich Aromatic Blend of Imported French Ultra Lavender Flowers with Balck Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $9.99
 "ANGELIC MINT" Heavenly Aromatic Blend of Peppermint and Spearmint Leaves with with Balck Tea 8 OZS. Only $8.95
 "Pure Mint" Herbal Tea a Refreshing blend of Natural Peppermint & Spearmint Leaves 8 OZS. Only $8.95
 "Very Berry" Tea A Rich Berry Lovers Blend of Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry & Strawberry Flavors with Black Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $9.95
 "Apple Cinnamon Chip" Flavored Black Tea
 8 OZS. Only $8.95
 "Natural Almond" Flavored Black Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $8.95
 "Natural Apricot" Flavored Black Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $8.95
 "Black Cherry" Flavored Black Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $8.95
 "Chocolate" Flavored Black Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $8.95
 "Chocolate Coconut" Flavored Black Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $8.95
 "Chocolate Mint" Flavored Black Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $8.95
 "Cinnamon Chip" Flavored Black Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $8.95
 "Holiday Delight" Orange Peels & Pumpkin Pie Spice with Black Tea 8 OZS. Only $8.95
 "Jasmine Blossom" Herbal Black Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $9.95
 "Lemon Lemon" Herbal Tea Blended with Lemon Peels & Lemongrass with Black Tea
 8 OZS. Only $8.95
 "Mango Mango" Flavored Black Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $8.95
 "Natural Peach" Flavored Black Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $8.95
 "Extra Vanilla" Flavored Black Tea 8 OZS.
 Only $9.99

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