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Essiaque Plus Concentrate - Also Known as Flor-Essence

Four Ounce Bottle Last up to 6 Months or More
For as Little as $.38 Per Day!

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 Essiaque Plus Concentrate 2 OZ. Bottle
 w/dropper Only $24.95
 Essiaque Plus Concentrate 4 OZ. Bottle
 Only $45.00
Dr. Wald's Essiac tea concentrate formula "Essiaque Plus" is based on the originally discovered Ojibway indian blend in 1922 by Rene Caisse. Our Essiac tea formula is made from powerful herbal extracts for maximum potency. The primary herbs in the Essiac formula are Arctium lappa - Burdock Root, Rumex Acetosella - Sheep Sorrel, Ulmus Fulva - Slippery Elm Bark and Rheum palmatum - Rhubarb Root. Four other herbs, Ascophyllum nodosum - Kelp, Trifolium pratense - Red Clover, Cnicus benedictus - Blessed Thistle and Nasturtium officinale - Watercress, are added in small amounts for additional health benefits as discribed below for cleansing, strengthening, stimulating, and nourishing the body during illness.

All the herbs used in this blend are ethically gathered at peak potency. The herbs are free of pesticides and herbicides, and are not fumigated or irradiated.

For Best Results Add Essiac Drops to
Three Cups of Rooibos Tea Daily

Details Here


Burdock root is renowned for its immune enhancing properties. Active ingredients include 45% inulin, essential oils, vitamins and a broad array of minerals. Traditional Chinese medicine considers burdock root to be strengthening and cleansing. Burdock Root (foundation of original Essiac tea formula) contains vitamins A, B complex, C, E, and P. It contains high amounts of chromium, cobalt, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, and zinc, and lesser amounts of calcium, copper, manganese, and selenium.

Sheep Sorrel helps counteract toxins and provides oxygen to tissue at the cellular level. It also provides strong immune support. Sheep sorrel has a long history of traditional use as an astringent, diuretic and laxative. Sheep Sorrel (foundation of original Essiac tea formula) contains high amounts of vitamins A and B complex, C, D, E, K, P and vitamin U. It is also rich in minerals, including calcium, chlorine, iron, magnesium, silicon, sodium, sulfur, and has trace amounts of copper, iodine, manganese and zinc. The combination of these vitamins and minerals nourishes all of the glands of the body. Sheep Sorrel also contains carotenoids and chlorophyll, citric, malic, oxalic, tannic and tartaric acids.

Slippery Elm bark helps soothe the digestive tract because it contains large amounts of mucilage. This bark is especially noted for soothing inflammatory irritation. Slippery Elm Inner Bark (foundation of original Essiac tea formula) contains, as its primary ingredient, a mucilage, as well as quantities of garlic acid, phenols, starches, sugars, the vitamins A, B complex, C, K, and P. It contains large amounts of calcium, magnesium, and sodium, as well as lesser amounts of chromium and selenium, and trace amounts of iron, phosphorous, silicon and zinc.

Turkish Rhubarb root helps detoxify the bowel and cleanse the liver. The root helps to normalize bowel movements and is considered a safe and effective laxative. Rhubarb root (foundation of original Essiac tea formula) contains vitamin A, many of the B complex, C, and P. Its high mineral content includes calcium, chlorine, copper, iodine, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, silicon, sodium, sulfur, and zinc.

Red Clover has been used to treat degenerative diseases. Research shows that red clover combats bacterial, viral and fungal infections. It is a blood purifier that facilitates the elimination of toxins and waste through the skin, kidneys and bowels. Red clover (added to original Essiac tea formula) is a member of the legume family - the same class of plants where we find chickpeas and soybeans. Red clover extracts are used as dietary supplements for their high content of isoflavone compounds - which possess weak estrogenic activity and have been associated with a variety of health benefits during menopause (reduction of hot flashes, promotion of heart health and maintenance of bone density).

Blessed Thistle helps digestion by increasing the flow of gastric juices, thereby relieving dyspepsia, indigestion and the headaches associated with liver congestion. Blessed Thistle (added to original Essiac tea formula) is extremely popular in Europe as a tonic for the liver, the body's second largest organ. This herb contains a flavonoid called silymarin that has been shown to have a direct effect on liver cells. Known as vitamin P, flavonoids are substances found in plants that often work in conjunction with vitamin C and offer many other health benefits. Often referred to as the body's "chemical factory," the liver plays a critical role in maintaining good health. It produces bile, which is necessary for the break-down of fats. It detoxifies poisons that enter our bloodstream, such as nicotine, alcohol, and pollutants such as carbon monoxide. It breaks them down from potentially lethal substances into those that are less destructive to our bodies. The liver is also the site where vitamins A, D, E, and K are stored. Numerous European studies sow that this herb enhances overall liver function, as well as stimulates the production of new liver cells. A tonic and anti-depressant, blessed thistle has a tonic effect on the heart, brain, and kidneys. It is said to restore a memory impaired by old age or sickness. Used for all liver disorders such as jaundice, liver disorders, and hepatitis. Stimulates the production of new liver cells and prevents formation of damaging leukotrienes. Protects the kidneys and is beneficial in cases of psoriasis. Good for gallstone colic. Use the leaves for common stomach problems like lack of appetite, and dyspepsia.

Kelp contains an abundance of minerals. This marine plant is a great source of iodine, which helps regulate energy levels. The alginates found in kelp have many beneficial effects, the most important of which is gathering and removing heavy metals from the body. Kelp (added to original Essiac tea formula) - The electrolytic magnetic action of the sea plants releases excess body fluids from congested cells and dissolves fatty wastes through the skin, replacing them with depleted minerals, particularly potassium and iodine. As the natural iodine boosts thyroid activity, food fuels are used before they can turn into fatty deposits. Vitamin K, a fat-soluble vitamin in seaweeds, aids adrenal regulation, so a seaweed bath also helps maintain hormone balance for a more youthful body. Sea Vegetables (Spirulina - Kelp - Chlorella) have been acknowledged as a detoxifyer, a balanced nourishment and a miraculous healing plant. Ocean/Sea algae are the richest natural source of minerals, trace minerals and rear earth elements.

Watercress is a rich source of chlorophyll, vitamins A and C, and many minerals, including iodine. It has been used traditionally as a detoxicant and restorative.

The Essiac Story
By The Royal Cancer Commission of Canada.

Rene Caisse was a Canadian Nurse who for a period of sixty years treated thousands of cancer patients with a herbal remedy. In 1923 she discovered that one of her patients, who had been officially declared incurable, made a complete recovery. This patient had taken an Ojibway herbal drink. Experimenting with other incurable cancer patients, Rene found that many of them recovered after starting a regime of taking this Indian herbal drink twice daily.

Rene Caisse got the herbal formula from the Ojibway Indians. When Rene visited the medicine man, he explained that the Ojibwa (Chippewa) of the Lake Country in Canada used their Essiac tea herbal remedy for both spiritual balance and body rejuvenation. He said it was "A holy drink that would purify your body and place it back in balance with the Great Spirit." She named it Essiac (her name backwards). She then offered Essiac to terminal cancer patients. She documented thousand of cases of her patients who were cured of cancer.

It wasn't until 1924 that Rene actually used the Essiac tea herbal formula when her aunt developed stomach and liver cancer. Rene later said, "My aunt lived for twenty-one years after being given up by the medical profession. There was no recurrence of cancer."

The larger and further developed formula of Essiac, now known as "Flor-Essence", was the first out on the marketplace in July 1992 and subsequently our "Essiaque Plus." It contains 8 herbs in perfect proportion for synergistic activity. Many imitators have now jumped on the band-wagon with drops, capsules, liquids, and dry versions, all claiming to be "The Original Rene Caisse Tea". In fact the "ORIGINAL" formula has NOT been used since 1924, when Rene Caisse started experimenting with it after curing her aunt. That was when modifications were begun, and an injection was developed. Those claiming otherwise, are simply NOT privy to confidential information or trying to hang their hats on illusive claims.

Over the next fifty years, Rene Caisse gave the Essiac tea formula to thousands of patients who were suffering from various illnesses and ailments. Although there is no clinical evidence to support the effectiveness of the Essiac tea formula on any of the diseases, it is believed to be beneficial to those suffering from cancer, AIDS, diabetes, ulcers, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's, hypoglycemia, psoriasis, stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue syndrome, herpes, and many other ailments.

She collaborated with several doctors proving over and over the beneficial qualities of the Native American Essiac herbal tea. Rene Caisse refused to expose the formula for fear of it being suppressed by the medical establishment or used by pharmaceutical companies to generate massive profits.

In 1930, the Canadian government attempted to arrest Rene Caisse for "practicing medicine without a license." When the government agent discovered Rene was working for free and with the permission and approval of the doctors, the warrant for her arrest was never served. Throughout the next four decades, the government and medical establishment would repeatedly threaten Rene with arrest but she refused to stop helping people. Her supporters tried in vain to get a bill passed by the Canadian Parliament to allow Rene to treat her patients without the constant threat of arrest. The bill failed by three votes due to the influence of the Canadian Medical Association and Cancer Commission.

In 1977, a year before her death (from complications after hip surgery) at the age of ninety, Rene Caisse sold her formula to the Resperin Corporation in Toronto. She also gave the Eassiac tea formula to a few close friends. Resperin has trademarked the name Essiac® so the herbal tea appears under a variety of names. Each company claims it has Ms. Cassie's original Essiac tea recipe.

In 1937 the Royal Cancer Commission of Canada conducted hearings concerning Essiac. Rene Caisse's documented evidence was presented to the commission. The commission's conclusion was that Essiac was a cure for cancer. In 1938 the Canadian Parliament voted on letting Rene use Essiac as a cure for cancer. Essiac failed by three votes to be approved as an officially sanctioned cure for cancer.

In the 1960s Rene worked with the Brusch Medical Clinic in Massachusetts. Dr Brusch was President Kennedy's personal physician. After researching Essiac for 10 years, Dr Brusch made the following statement: "Essiac is a cure for cancer, period. All studies done at laboratories in the United States and Canada support this conclusion." Further studies showed Essiac assisted with other illnesses, such as AIDS, Lupus, ME, Alzheimer's and Multiple Sclerosis.

The Essiac formula was presented by Rene Caisse to the Royal Cancer Commission: Sheep Sorrel and Burdock Root are the two "cancer killers" in the Essiac formula. They are the basic curative agents, and are the main ingredients. The other ingredients, Slippery Elm Bark and Rhubarb Root, "assist" the Sheep Sorrel and Burdock Root by increasing bile flow and assisting in the intestinal tract to eliminate the toxins released by the Essiac. Simply put, the Sheep Sorrel and the Burdock Root do the curing, and the Slippery Elm and Rhubarb Root assist them to cure.

Burdock root, a key active ingredient, dicussed by two Hungarian scientists in 1966 reported "considerable antitumor activity in a purified fraction of burdock." In addition, as also discussed, Japanese scientists at Nagoya University in 1984 discovered burdock contains a new type of desmutagen, a substance uniquely capable of reducing cell mutation either in the absence or in the presence of metabolic activation. So important is this property, the Japanese researchers named it the B-factor, for "burdock factor." Another herb in Essiac, turkey rhubarb root, was demonstrated to have antitumor activity in the sarcoma-37 animal test system. Herbalists, however, believe that the synergistic interaction of herbal ingredients contributes to their therapeutic effects. They point out that laboratory tests on a single, isolated compound from one herbal formula fail to address this synergistic potency.

Through her work with cancer patients, Caisse observed that Essiac broke down nodular masses to a more normal tissue, while greatly alleviating pain. Many patients would report an enlarging and hardening of the tumor after a few treatments. Then the tumor would start to soften. People also frequently reported a discharge of large amounts of pus and fleshy material. Masses of diseased tissue were sloughed off in persons with breast, rectum, and internal cancers. After this process, the tumor would be gone.

Caisse theorized that one of the herbs in Essiac reduced tumor growth while other herbs acted as blood purifiers, carrying away destroyed tissue as well as infections related to the malignancy. She also speculated that Essiac strengthened the body's innate defense mechanisms, enabling normal cells to destroy abnormal ones as Nature intended.

Even if a tumor didn't disappear, Caisse maintained, it could be forced to regress, then surgically removed after six to eight Essiac treatments, with much less risk of metastasizing and causing new outbreaks. "If there is any suspicion that any malignant cells are left after the operation," she stated, "then Essiac should be given once a week for at least three months, supplying the body with the resistance to a recurrence that is needed."

She wrote, "In the case of cancer of the breast, the primary growth will usually invade the mammary gland of the opposite breast or the auxilla, or both. If Essiac is administered either orally or by hypodermic injection, into the forearm, the secondary growth will regress into the primary mass, enlarging it for a time, but when it is all localized it will loosen and soften and can then be removed without the danger of recurrence." Caisse spoke from personal experience, having administered thousands of Essiac injections to gravely ill patients, always under the supervision of a physician.

In 1983, Dr. E. Bruce Hendrick, chief of neurosurgery at the University of Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children, urged Canada's highest health officials to launch "a scientific clinical trial" of Essiac. In a letter to the Canadian Minister of Health and Welfare, Dr. Hendrick reported that eight of ten patients with surgically treated tumors of the central nervous system, after following an Essiac regimen, had "escaped from the conventional methods of therapy including both radiation and chemotherapy." Yet today, patients in Canada must go through a bureaucratic maze that makes it difficult or impossible for them to receive Essiac therapy.

Use 6-12 drops in juice, water, under the tongue, or as desired. May be taken 3 times daily.
4 oz. bottle = 4000 drops
32 drops daily = 125 day supply (4+ months)
If you pay $48.00 for the bottle it cost less than - $.38 per day ($48.0/125)
Shake well. Store in cool dark place. Keep out of reach of children.

Ingredients: Sheep Sorrel, Burdock, Rhubarb (Turkey), Slippery Elm, Kelp, Blessed Thistle Herb, Watercress, Red Clover, R/O Water, 12% Alcohol.

Essiac & Approaches to Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Conventional medicine's approach to cancer is to regard it as a foreign body which needs to be anhilated and removed from the body. Hence, the primary treatments are surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. Unfortunately, this therapeutic approach has been largely unsuccessful for the vast majority of malignancies, and the so-called "war on cancer" has been almost a complete failure.

An alternative view of cancer is to see it as a total body disease right from the beginning, rather than only after the disease has spread throughout the body. Cancer is symptomatic of a failure of the body's defenses, including the immune system. It represents an imbalance in the body's ability to adapt to adverse external or internal conditions.
A balanced comprehensive approach to treating disease is called holistic. A holistic medicine system of health care is based on a concept of the "whole" person as one whose body, mind, spirit, and emotions are in balance with the environment. Stressing personal responsibility for health, a holistic approach may include conventional medicine and various nontraditional methods of diagnosis and therapy, e.g., acupuncture , biofeedback , faith healing, folk medicine, megavitamin therapy, meditation, and yoga . Patients are encouraged to establish self-regulated regimes to control such illness-related factors as poor diet, smoking, alcohol intake, and stress. Surgery and prescription drugs are generally avoided.

By intelligent choices, we can drastically reduce our risk of developing cancer, improve our chances of survival if we already have cancer, prevent recurrence of cancer in remission and avoid serious illnesses or death as a result of a deficient immune system. We need to eliminate as many negative factors in our environment and within ourselves as possible, while trying to maximize the factors that will enhance our defenses. We must examine and be willing to change our lifestyle, beliefs and environment.

Specific recommendations include: (1) dietary changes-what to avoid and what to include; (2) oral supplementation, including vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, enzymes, herbs, accessory food factors and others; (3) detoxification procedures; (4) injectable programs when necessary; (5) exercise programs; and (6) psychosocial/spiritual support measures. In subsequent medical updates, I will discuss some specifics of such a program.

The best and most up-to-date book that I have seen on preventing and treating cancer is Dr. Patrick Quillin's Beating Cancer with Nutrition. An excellent full length video on this subject is What Your Doctor Won't Tell You About Cancer, which is narrated by actor Eddie Albert.

Positive Step for Prevention, Improving Chances of Surviving Cancer and Preventing Recurrence What can you do to prevent cancer, improve your chances of survival if you have cancer, or prevent recurrence if your cancer is in remission? You must improve the quality of air, water and food that you take into your body. Smoking contributes to lung cancer and other cancers. Avoid smoking and areas in which others are smoking. As much as possible avoid polluted air. Pollution within the home can be reduced with air purifiers.

Pure Water -Drink only pure water. Consider spring water, filtered water or distilled water. Lead from old pipes contaminates much of our drinking water, as does organic chemicals, which are not removed by many of our current public water purification systems. Chlorine, added to purify water, may actually increase cancer risk, especially when it combines with organic chemicals.

Fluoride, added to half of the nation's water supplies to fight tooth decay, contributes to cancer risk, according to a variety of studies, in spite of US Public Health Service protestations. Most water purifcation systems do not remove fluoride unless the system includes a reverse osmosis component. Remember that boiling water removes dissolved chlorine, but only concentrates fluoride. In my opinion, fluoride in all forms, including tooth paste, drops for babies, fluoride treatments by dentists and tablets should not be used. An excellent book on this subject is Fluoridation: The Aging Factor by John Yiamouyiannis, available from my office or possibly your local bookstore.

Whole Foods Diet - Diets should stress whole foods including whole grains, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and moderate amounts of animal products, such as eggs, yogurt, fish, poultry and meat. Some patients will do better with the elimination of most, if not all, animal products. By eating whole foods such as whole grains, fruits and vegetables, you will insure sufficient dietary fiber.

Whenever possible, eat foods and drink beverages that have been grown without pesticides--so-called organic foods. Avoid foods that are highly processed and contain white sugar and starch (the refined carbohydrates), artificial sweeteners such as aspartame and saccharine, artificial colors and flavors, preservatives, hydrogenated fats and other artificial chemicals. Alcoholic beverages and caffeinated drinks, such as coffee, tea or soda, or should be drastically reduced or eliminated. We have so many exotic herbal tea blends available on this site that one may ask, "why havent I seen something like this before?" If you never tried herbals teas before just review our awesome inventory and you will find something that awakens your pallet. I encourage everyone to learn about herbal teas and utilize the South African Red Bush (Rooibos) and Taheebo/Lapacho teas for strengthening the immune system.

Exercise - Exercise is essential for any prevention or treatment program. It must be individualized to the person's level of health and fitness. Since oxygen is the single most important nutrient to survival, an aerobic exercise program, which improves oxygen usage, is recommended. Rapid walking, jogging, bicycling, swimming, Nordic track activity, rowing, aerobic dancing and other activities are great. Ideally, you should build up to a minimum of 30 minutes, at least every other day. This is of course impossible for the advanced cancer patient until he or she is well on the way to recovery. Stretching and limbering up exercises are also helpful.

Natural Sunlight - Some direct sunlight entering the eyes benefits the immune system and some time should be spent outside in the fresh air, preferably without eyeglasses.

Coping with Stress - Developing strategies for coping with stress or even thriving in a stressful environment, is essential for the cancer patient since receiving such a diagnosis is probably as stressful an event as one could experience. Relaxation techniques, meditation and visualization exercises are all useful. Both individual and group counseling based on the work of Bernie Siegel, the Simontons, LeShan and others are helpful to cancer patients. As a PTSD sufferer, meditation and relaxation techniques were hard for me to learn until I utilized a light & sound machine to entrain my brain wave patterns. You may discover these wonderful benefits on my holistic health web site [details here!]

Oral nutritional supplements - can play a major role in both the prevention and treatment of cancer. For those cancer patients receiving chemotherapy or radiation or those recovering from surgery, oral supplements can reduce side effects and speed the healing process. Anti-oxidant vitamins, such as vitamin C, beta carotene, vitamin A and vitamin E in moderate to high doses should be used by everyone, in my opinion. The B complex and especially folic acid play a role in improving energy and reducing cancer risk. Amygdalin, also known as Laetrile, is an extremely controversial nutrient that plays a role in both the prevention and treatment of cancer. The story of Laetrile can be found in the book and videocassette World Without Cancer and Ralph Moss's book, The Cancer Industry.

Oral minerals that should be considered are selenium, zinc, copper, chromium, molybdenum, manganese, magnesium, germanium and calcium. Proteolytic enzymes, such as bromolain and pancreatic enzymes, help to digest food when given with meals. When taken on an empty stomach, they help to dissolve the protective coating of cancer cells, making them more vulnerable to the body's attack. Flaxseed oil, a major source of omega-3 fatty acids, and primrose oil, a source of GLA, both have anti-cancer properties. Coenzyme Q10, benzaldehyde, choline and inositol and certain amino acids help to round out the program.

Shark Cartilage - Following the positive segment on CBS's "Sixty Minutes," shark cartilage has become one of the most talked about alternative cancer therapies. In order to grow, cancer requires the proliferation of new blood vessels. Cartilage contains substances that prevent the formation of new blood vessels. When cartilage is given to cancer patients, the blood supply to the cancer is cut off. At the same time, connective tissue surrounding the cancer increases its blood vessel supply and this helps the body to wall off the cancer. Cartilage also positively affects the immune system. Studies in both Mexico and Cuba indicate that even patients with advanced cancer may benefit from cartilage. In my practice, I have found cartilage to be quite beneficial. Large doses are necessary for advanced cancer patients in the range of 60 to 120 grams daily. It may be taken either orally or by rectal retention enemas.

Herbs - have been used to treat cancer for centuries and many seem to be of considerable value. Many cancer patients have benefitted from the Hoxsey herbs, which are available from a Mexican clinic. Essiac is a preparation developed by a Canadian nurse Rene Caisse many years ago. Although no formal studies have been carried out, there are many case histories suggesting the benefits of both of these herbal remedies. In my practice, I have been using a little known preparation which seems to be quite beneficial. As more and more is learned about herbs, I suspect they will play a greater role in the non-toxic approach to cancer management.

Injectable Programs - Cancer patients are frequently helped by injectable programs, using nutrients or other non-toxic substances. Cancer patients frequently have problems absorbing nutrients from the intestine. Injectable programs ensure nutrient absorption and produce much higher therapeutic levels of nutrients in the tissues.

Vitamin C drips of 25 to 50 grams are almost always helpful in improving energy levels and stimulating the immune system. Therapeutic doses of minerals and other vitamins can also be given. When available, intravenous administration of amygdalin or Laetrile can help to check cancer progression.

If you cannot get out for support, you may find wonderful online peer support and chat for cancer survivors, family and friends at http://www.oncochat.org

Spirituality - A well balanced body, mind and spiritual program may offer miracles for many. To assist you with learning to pray, reading inspiring spiritual poetry and a wonderful Bible reference library we offer the tools on our site click here.

Other Adjunctive Therapies - Many other adjunctive therapies can benefit the cancer patient. These include therapeutic massage, chiropractic manipulation, acupuncture, detoxification procedures, homeopathy, the therapeutic use of permanent magnets and many others.

A through discussion of a wide variety of alternative cancer treatments can be found in Ralph Moss's book Cancer Therapy; The Independent Consumer's Guide to Non-Toxic Treatment and Prevention and Richard Walters Options: The Alternative Cancer Therapy Book.

In conjunction with Essiac drink South African Rooibos "Red Bush" tea which has more antioxidants than green tea? [details here!]

Essiac concentrate may be used for natural of cancer treatment in humans or animals by adding to food or water. Call Dr. Wald at (727) 864-1720 for details.

Also see Cancer Treatment and Prevention.

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