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English Teas - Loose Leaf
30 Day Unconditional Guarantee!
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Blended By Dr. Wald

Enlish Tea Display
English Breakfast Tea - An Exotic Blend of Ceylon, Indian Assam and Chinese Keemun Tea!

CEYLON TEA - Until the 1880's, very little tea was grown in Ceylon. Now known as Sri Lanka, the verdant hills are planted with world class tea. The of the top tea estates boast a presence and can be depended upon for the finest pluckings. The tea produced on these estates is still called Ceylon and is considered some of the best in the world. The principal production of Ceylon tea is of black or fully oxidized tea.

The highland teas are exceptional, but since they are grown at elevations of seven thousand feet, they are also rare. Dr. Wald only uses these high elevation Ceylon teas which are the best for blending with fruit and essential oils, like my Extra Bergamot Earl Grey Tea. This tea is light, exotically fruity, and the intoxicatingly fragrant with superior black teas leavesa and produce an uplifting cup.

Enlish Tea Set

ASSAM TEA - With over 35,000 tea estates, India is the largest tea exporting country. Three distinct geographically separated tea growing regions; Assam, Nilgiri and Darjeeling, produce three entirely different teas in both style and taste. Assam is the original Indian tea and due in part to an annual rainfall that can reach 150 inches a year, it is also the largest tea-producing region in the world. Teas grown here in Northeast India are simply referred to as "Assam" and present a golden tippy, rich, malty cup, well-suited to the addition of milk. This is why Assam Tea is best for a hearty and robust Breakfast blend.

KEEMUN BLACK TEA -From the northern district of china. Keemun teas have been called the Burgundy of teas. Considered to be one of the finest teas in the world. Aromatic with a rich distinctive, concentrated flavor.

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Green Tea Cups
Our Extra Earl Grey tea is an exotic hardy blend of Chinese Yunnan and Indian Assam black teas with extra oil of Bregmot.

Earl Grey tea has a long history. “It is really a bit of a legend of how it all got started,” says the current Earl. “It was a diplomatic mission to China.”

The legend is that a British diplomat, sent as part of a trade delegation to China in 1834 by Charles, the second Earl Grey (who was also the British prime minister in the 1830s), saved the life of a mandarin’s son who was drowning. The grateful mandarin gave the diplomat a recipe for a blend of tea to present to the Earl.

Dr. Wald's Earl Grey Tea is a potent aromatic blend of extra bergamot oil with China Yunnam black tea. Yunnan is a region in southwest China known for growing large-leaf tea of producing top quality black tea.

The essential oil of the bergamot orange, which is mixed with black tea to give Earl Grey tea its characteristic flavor. Makes a fantastic ice tea too!

Bergamot is a Native American mint plant that emits a strong fragrance similar to citrus, most like that of the tropical tree, orange bergamot. The Native Americans first used Bergamot leaf tea for colic, gas, colds, fever, stomach aches, nosebleeds, insomnia, heart trouble, and measles. They shared their knowledge of Bergamot with the colonists, and at one point, the colonists used it as a tea substitute for the Mid-Atlantic patriots after the Boston Tea Party.

Today Bergamot is still used to treat colds, coughs, nausea, and sore throats. It can also be used to expel worms and gas. Bergamot is useful in treating respiratory and urinary tract infections as well. Making a tea from the leaves is used to treat fever and stomach problems, and to promote restful sleep. A leaf poultice can be used to treat headaches.

Bergamot Oil ~ Calms anxiety, depression, nervous tension and stress. Effective on indigestion and infections of the respiratory system. Excellent on skin, relieves eczema, psoriasis and acne.
Young Hyson Green Tea
Our Extra Earl Grey Green tea is blended with Chinese Young Hyson green tea and extra oil of Bergamot. Young Hyson teas are large-leafed, pan-fired Chinese green teas. Young Hyson is one of the finest grades made from tender young leaves. This tea yields a golden brew with an earthy-green flavor.

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