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Naturally Decaffeinated Teas
Loose Leaf

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Decaf Tea - Dr. Wald takes great pride in bringing you these prized teas. It has only been since the 1980s that advances in production technology have resulted in the availability of good quality decaffeinated tea. The less common, more expensive carbon dioxide (CO2) method of decaffeination involves putting the tea leaves into water and adding liquid carbon dioxide. When the water and carbon dioxide are drained off, the caffeine washes off too–leaving a decaffeinated leaf. This is not only chemical free, it preserves natural flavors better, resulting in superior taste

The CO2 decaf process uses highly pressurized natural carbon dioxide. There are no residual chemicals and the process has minimal effect on the flavor and other beneficial compounds inherent in the tea. The process further leaves the leaves with minimal breakage and thus a higher grade. All our decaffeinated teas are "naturally decaffeinated", a term used to denote the highest quality process for caffeine removal, the CO2 removal process. In this method, carbon-dioxide is applied at high pressure to the leaves to remove the caffeine. Compare this to the alternative chemical processes using Methylene chloride or Ethyl acetate, and you'll see why this is called the "naturally decaffeinated" method.

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