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Loose Leaf Green Teas

Young Hyson Green Tea
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Young Hyson is a type of premium loose leaf Chinese green tea formally drunk exclusively in Europe and often the name given there to the tea drink. These young green tea leaves are fragrant, light, mellow & delightful. Make a wonder cup or pot of green tea!

Young Hyson teas are large-leafed, pan-fired Chinese green teas. Young Hyson is one of the finest grades made from tender young leaves. This tea yields a golden brew with an earthy-green flavor.

Produced in Pingshui in Zheijian Province China.

Gunpowder Green Tea
Gunpowder Green Tea
"Temple of Heaven" is one of the highest grades of this unique and interesting Chinese green tea. Each leaf is tightly rolled into a "pearl" that "explodes" with a penetrating, refreshing taste. This tea produces a yellow-green liquor and is light and sweet in the cup.

Gunpowder green tea gets its name because the tightly rolled green leaves resemble the powder used in cannons on 18th century British ships. When fully steeped, the tender whole leaves unfurl revealing this deep, rich flavor. A most unique tea that is among the most popular worldwide.

The leaf for this green tea is plucked during April, corresponding to the time of the best quality. Legend has it that the name Gunpowder was given by a young English clerk who thought the tiny rolled green balls looked like gunpowder. The Chinese name for Gunpowder Tea is Siaou Chu, which literally means large leaf. Rolling the leaf has two effects on quality of the tea. It forces to the surface flavorful juices that otherwise would remain in the leaf. Rolling also forces out water, thus helping to reduce the tea's final moisture content. The pellet retains its shape during firing and keeps its freshness longer than tea not manufactured in pellet form.

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