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Spiritual Guide

Spirit guide is a term used by the Western tradition of Spiritualist Churches, mediums and psychics to describe an entity that remains a disincarnate spirit in order to act as a spiritual counsellor or protector to a living incarnated human being.

Traditionally within the spirirtualist churches, spirit guides were often stereotyped ethically with Native Americans, Chinese or Egyptians being popular for their perceived ancient wisdom, saints or enlightened individuals but the term can also refer to animals or totems, controls, angels or nature spirits.

What Is A Spirit Guide?

Many modern psychics such as Sylvia Browne and John Holland claim that spirit guides are charged to each light entity on this Earth and on many other planets throughout the universe. Many psychic's believe that spirit guides are chosen on the other side by us and God before we incarnate, and that they guide us to follow our life's plan because we want them to.

According to research our spirit guides have names and once lived a life on Earth. [citation needed] Some people claim it is possible to meet your spirit guide in dreams or on the astral plane (see Astral Projection). Their guidance is said to not require mediumship and psychic Sylvia Browne has a published work implying that almost anyone can get in touch with their own guide.

Who Is A Spirit Guide?

The Gnostic religious view of a spirit guide is that on the other side you and your guide planned your life on earth before you incarnated. You would live the life and your spirit guide would help you along the way. Thus, if this is the case, everyone has a spirit guide because everyone planned their life prior to being born. Therefore, the spirit guide couldn't be a living relative, or an animal. Furthermore, a guide is said to have lived at least one earthly life before becoming a spirit guide so that they can understand the struggles of human life.

Looks and Appearances

Many well known psychics have publicly described their guides. Helena Blavatsky talked about being advised by "Mahatmas", discarnate personages from India and especially Tibet, who dressed and behaved according to the dictates of their respective cultures. American Spiritualists often described their guides as resembling Native Americans. As most American Spiritualists were middle-class Anglo women, who had never seen an Indian of any nation, it would be more correct to say that their guides followed a general type of what they perceived or believed Indians to be. Others described their guides in terms of what sounds like a mythologized Ancient Chinese appearance, and Irish guides were also common.

Today, Sylvia Browne still follows the standard of having a guide with a Hindi-like appearance, with her hair in a long braid and loose-fitting clothing. Browne's second spirit guide is described as wearing a turban.

Contacting Methods

Several people offer techniques from experiences they claim say allowed them to meet their spirit guides. There are many published materials by various authors with their own insight into the phenomenon. Scientific experiments have been conducted, and no official method is said to work or be 100 percent verifiable.

The techniques that exist range from astral projection techniques to simple mind visualization exercises. It is said that the spirit guide is not on the Earthly plane, but communicating from "The Other Side". "The Other Side" is much less dense atmosphere than Earth, and so therefore it is believed that we must be tuned in to our guides by freeing the mind or doing one of many meditations.

Astral Plane Meetings During the astral projection state of consciousness it is fairly common for one to look for his or her spirit guide. If one can reach an out of body state of mind, one can presumably meet their spirit guide on that plane of existence. Because the astral plane is easier to tune and get through to, the idea is that spirit guides can more easily make the transition from the other side.

Dream Meetings Dreams are often concluded to be an out of body experience disguised by the human brain so that it can accept the actions that is taking place before an idividual. Sometimes one may find themselves dreaming about the same stranger or entity and then later solve problems and issues based on that entities messages or actions in the dream. These entities are believed by some people to be one's spirit guide.

Choosing a Spiritual Guide

Many people now recognise that it can be helpful to have a spiritual guide. Often this desire grows from a fruitful experience of such a relationship, typically during an individually guided retreat. The choice of a companion for a long-term relationship is likely to have important consequences in your life: you need to make the choice carefully.

How Should You Go About Choosing a Spiritual Guide?

Choosing a guide is a very personal decision. As you seek a guide, pray for light and wisdom in the spirit. You may well find that you become increasingly clear about what you hope for from the relationship. Do think about this, so as to make a conscious decision - but in the end, you may want to trust your instinct.

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The spiritual guide which disintangles [sic] the soul and brings it by the inward way to the fruition of perfect contemplation and the rich treasure of internal peace.
"Translated from the Italian copy, printed at Venice, 1685." Spiritual Guide

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