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Audio Book MP3 Sermons of the Entire Bible
by Ray C. Stedman

Sunday evening services at Peninsula Bible Church in Palo Alto, California, were the setting for a series of 67 messages on the entire Bible preached by Ray C. Stedman. One book of the Bible was covered per message, with an additional message inserted to cover the history of the "400 Silent Years" between the close of the Old Testament canon (Malachi) and the First Gospel (Matthew). This series commenced June 28, 1964 and was completed on August 4, 1968. These sermons constitute Discovery Papers #201-267 inclusive. The Adventuring Through the Bible," was released in late 1997.

NOTE: Clicking on the speaker icons starts the MP3 audio file. If these files do not load automatically, consult your browser help pages and install the appropriate plug-ins for these formats. If you prefer, you may set your web browser preferences to download the MP3 files to your hard disk. Do this if your connection to the Internet is slow and does not allow uninterrupted live-streaming of these audio files. Or, you may wish to load the MP3 files onto a portable player.

1 Genesis: The Method of Faith (DP #201) 35 Habakkuk: History is in God's Hands (DP #235)
2 Exodus: Design for Deliverance (DP #202) 36 Zephaniah: The Day of the Lord's Wrath (DP #236)
3 Leviticus: The Way to Wholeness (DP #203) 37 Haggai: Some Words to Discouraged Carpenters (DP #237)
4 Numbers: The Incomplete Christian Life (DP #204) 38 Zechariah: You return to Me,... I'll return to You! (DP #238)
5 Deuteronomy: The Law that Delivers (DP #205) 39 Malachi: Think Upon His Name (DP #239)
6 Joshua: Guidebook to Victory (DP #206) 40 The 400 Years between the Old and New Testaments (DP #240)
7 Judges: The Pattern of Defeat (DP #207) 41 Matthew: Behold Your King (DP #241)
8 Ruth: The Romance of Redemption (DP #208) 42 Mark: He Came to Serve (DP #242)
9 I Samuel: The Death of the Flesh (DP #209) 43 Luke: The Perfect Man (DP #243)
10 II Samuel: The Story of David (DP #210) 44 John: Who is this Man? (DP #244)
11 I Kings: How to Lose a Kingdom (DP #211) 45 Acts: An Unfinished Story (DP #245)
12 II Kings: A Wasted Life (DP #212) 46 Romans: The Message of Romans (DP #246)
13 I Chronicles: David and the Ark of God (DP #213) 47 I Corinthians (DP #247)
14 II Chronicles: God's King in God's House (DP #214) 48 II Corinthians (DP #248)
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15 Ezra: The Way Back (DP #215) 49 Galatians: Don't Submit Again to the Slave's Yoke (DP #249)
16 Nehemiah: Rebuilding the Wall (DP #216) 50 Ephesians: The Calling of the Saints (DP #250)
17 Esther: A Queen under Control (DP #217) 51 Philippians (DP #251)
18 Job: The Hardest Question (DP #218) 52 Colossians: The Power to Endure with Joy (DP #252)
19 Psalms: The Worship of an Honest Heart (DP #219) 53 I Thessalonians (DP #253)
20 Proverbs: That Men May Know Wisdom (DP #220) 54 II Thessalonians (DP #254)
21 Ecclesiastes: The Inspired Book of Error (DP #221) 55 I Timothy: The Pastor's Primer (DP #255)
22 Song of Solomon: A Love Song and a Hymn (DP #222) 56 II Timothy: How Not to Collapse (DP #256)
23 Isaiah: The Salvation of the Lord (DP #223) 57 Titus: Truth and Proof (DP #257)
24 Jeremiah: A Profile of Courage (DP #224) 58 Philemon: A Brother Restored (DP #258)
25 Lamentations: The Therapy of Trouble (DP #225) 59 Hebrews: All About Faith (DP #259)
26 Ezekiel: Wheels, Bones, and Restoration (DP #226) 60 James: The Activity of Faith (DP #260)
27 Daniel: The Way to the Future (DP #227) 61 I Peter (DP #261)
28 Hosea: The Prophet and the Prostitute (DP #228) 62 II Peter: In the Face of Falsehood (DP #262)
29 Joel: The Revelation of God's Hand (DP #229) 63 I John: The Fruit of Fellowship with Christ (DP #263)
30 Amos: God doesn't Play Favorites (DP #230) 64 II John: The Vital Balance (DP #264)
31 Obadiah: Death to Edom! (DP #231) 65 III John: A Tale of Three Men (DP #265)
32 Jonah: The Reluctant Ambassador (DP #232) 66 Jude: Contending for the Faith (DP #266)
33 Micah: Who is like God? (DP #233) 67 The Revelation of Jesus Christ (DP #267)
34 Nahum: The Terrible Wrath of God (DP #234)
The Official Ray Stedman Bible Library
Textual Sermon Outlines

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