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Tea Leaf Reading Symbols & Meanings C

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The symbols and meanings that follow below can be used as a general guide when doing your tea leaf readings. However, you may find that certain symbols have a particular meaning for you alone and vary from the meanings given below. Feel free to follow your own instincts when doing readings. Basically, the rule of thumb is, if it works well, then stick with it.

Cab A disappointment.

Cabbage Jealousy causes complications at work.

Cage A proposal.

Camel Useful news.

Candle Help form others, pursuit of knowledge.

Cannon News of a soldier or a government employee.

Cap Trouble ahead - be careful.

Car Good fortune.

Cart Success in business.

Castle Financial gain through marriage, a strong character rising to prominence.

Cat A quarrel, treachery, a false friend.

Cattle Prosperity.

Chain An engagement or wedding.

Chair An unexpected guest. Surrounded by dots - financial improvements.

Cherries A happy love affair.

Chessmen Difficulties ahead.

Chimney Hidden risks.

Church Ceremony, unexpected money.

Cigar New friends.

Circle Success, a wedding. With a dot - a baby. With small lines nearby - efforts hampered.

Claw A hidden enemy.

Clock Avoid delay, think of the future, a recovery from illness.

Clouds Trouble ahead. Surrounded by dots - money trouble ahead.

Clover Prosperity.

Coat A parting, an end of a friendship.

Cockatoo Trouble among friends.

Coffeepot Slight illness.

Coffin Bad news.

Coin Repayment of debts.

Collar Dependence on others for success and happiness.

Column Promotion, success, arrogance.

Comb Deceit, a false friend.

Comet An unexpected visitor.

Compass Travel, a change of job.

Corkscrew Curiosity causing trouble.

Crab An enemy.

Crescent A journey.

Cross Sacrifice, trouble, ill health. Within asquare - trouble averted. Two crosses - long life. Three crosses - great achievement.

Crown Honour, success, a wish coming true, a legacy.

Crutches Help from a friend.

Cup Reward for effort.

Curtain A secret.

Cymbal Insincere love.

Tea Leaf Reading B

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