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Tea Leaf Reading Symbols & Meanings A

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The symbols and meanings that follow below can be used as a general guide when doing your tea leaf readings. However, you may find that certain symbols have a particular meaning for you alone and vary from the meanings given below. Feel free to follow your own instincts when doing readings. Basically, the rule of thumb is, if it works well, then stick with it.

Baby A series of small worries.

Bag A trap ahead. If open - you can escape; if closed - you will be trapped.

Bagpipes Disappointment.

Ball A person connected with sport, or variable fortunes in your life.

Balloon Short-term troubles.

Barrel A party.

Basin Trouble at home. If broken - serious trouble.

Basket If empty - money worries. If full - a present. If near the handle of cup - a baby. If near the top of cup - possessions. If full of flowers - social success. Surrounded by dots - unexpected money coming your way.

Bat False friends, a journey ending in disappointment.

Bath Disappointment.

Bayonet A minor accident, a spiteful remark.

Beans Poverty.

Bear Facing handle of cup - irrational decisions cause difficulties. Facing away from handle of cup - a journey.

Bed Inertia.

Bee Social success, good news. Near handle of cup - friends gathering. Swarm of bees - success with an audience.

Beehive Prosperity.

Beetle Scandal, a difficult undertaking.

Bell Unexpected news. Near top of cup - promotion. Near bottom of cup - sad news. Two bells - joy. Several bells - a wedding.

Bellows Plans will meet with setbacks.

Bird Good news.

Birdcage Obstacles, quarrels.

Bird's nest Domestic harmoney, love.

Bishop Good luck coming.

Boat Visit from a friend, a safe refuge.

Book Open - expect legal actions, future success. Closed - delays, difficult studies.

Boomerang Treachery, envy.

Boot Achievement, protection from pain. Pointing away from handle of cup - dismissal. Broken - failure.

Bottle One bottle - pleasure. Several bottles - illness.

Bouquet Love and happiness.

Bow (Bow and Arrow) Scandal, gossip.

Box Open - romantic troubles solved. Closed - the lost will be found.

Bracelet Impending marriage.

Branch With leaves - a birth. Without leaves - a disappointment.

Bread Avoid waste.

Bridge An opportunity for success.

Broom small worries disappear, a false friend.

Buckle Disappointments ahead.

Bugle Hard work necessary.

Building A move.

Bull Quarrels, enmity.

Buoy Keep hoping.

Bush New friends, fresh opportunities.

Butterfly Frivolity, fickleness. Surrounded by dots - frittering away money.

Tea Leaf Reading B

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