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Medium (Psychic Medium)

How to Understand Psychics

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In spirituality, a medium or spirit medium (plural mediums) is a person who is said to posess the ability to communicate with spirits of deceased people (and sometimes pets). Some mediums claim to be able to channel the spirit, by allowing the deceased to speak or write messages using the medium's body.

While many skeptics believe such mediums are either self-deluded or charlatans who use cold reading and trickery, some mediums have had large numbers of followers, who believe strongly in the medium's purported abilities. In some cases mediums have produced personal information (allegedly told to them by a spirit) to their clients well above guessing rates. Skeptical scientists, magicians, and former mediums have demonstrated how impressive performances can be achieved by hot readings, warm readings, cold readings, and other "tricks of the psychic trade.

Examples of current popular mediums include Derek Acorah, Tony Stockwell, Colin Fry, Alison Dubois, Esther Hicks, Sylvia Browne, John Edward, Betty Shine, and James Van Praagh.

A recent example of how some mediums are able to manipulate their followers, even when their "reading" turns out to be false can be seen in this video of the Montell Williams Show, where Sylvia Browne tells a grief-stricken woman that her boyfriend's remains will never be found because he perished in water. When the choked-up woman told Browne her boyfriend was one of the firemen killed by the collapse of the World Trade Center towers, Browne insisted that her boyfriend's spirit just told her no, he had drowned and suggested that it might have been in the water used to fight the fire. The firemen who died in the collapse of the towers were not trying to put out the fires in the towers, they were trying to rescue people still trapped in the burning buildings.

The famous magician Harry Houdini became a debunker of mediums later in life and had exposed many charlatans — even following his own death. Fearing spiritualists would exploit his legacy by pretending to contact him after his death, Houdini gave his wife a secret ten-word code that he would use to contact her from the afterlife. For ten years after his death, Houdini's wife held séances on Halloween (the date Houdini died). Although many mediums claimed to have contacted Houdini, no one ever got the correct code. Houdini chronicled his debunking exploits in his book A Magician Among the Spirits.

Mediumistic automatism

Mediumistic automatism is the automatism associated with a medium receiving supernatural messages from ghosts, spirits or the like, the expression of such messages (in speech, writing or drawings) lacking conscious control or intervention by the medium.

What is Mediumship?

Mental Mediums: Mental phenomena is demonstrated through the mind of a medium. Mediums identify three forms of mental mediumship:

1. CLAIRVOYANCE when mediums see the spirit
2. CLAIRAUDIENCE when mediums hear the spirit
3. CLAIRSENTIENCE when mediums senses the presence and the thoughts of the spirit.

Mental phenomena is the type most often demonstrated in public. Trance mediumship is a form of mental mediumship in which the medium is overshadowed by the spirit communicator and allowed to speak directly through the medium.


Telepathy (from the Greek t??e, tele, "distant"; and p??e?a, patheia, "feeling") is the communication of information from one mind to another by means other than the known perceptual senses. Considered a form of extra-sensory perception or anomalous cognition, telepathy is often associated with other paranormal phenomena, such as precognition, clairvoyance, and telekinesis.

Clairsentient Dreams

These dreams involve clear empathic feelings or sensations about an event that is occurring as you dream it.

Clairvoyant - Clairvoyance

Clairvoyance noun from late 17th century French [clair (clear) & voyant (seeing)] - is defined as a form of extra-sensory perception whereas a person perceives distant objects, persons, or events, including perceiving an image hidden behind opaque objects and the detection of types of energy not normally perceptible to humans (i.e. radio waves). Typically, such perception is reported in visual terms, but may also include auditory impressions (sometimes called clairaudience) or kinesthetic impressions.

The term clairvoyance is often used broadly to reffer to all forms of ESP where a person receives information through means other than those explainable by current science. Perhaps more often, it is used more narrowly to refer to reception of present-time information not from another person, there being other terms to refer to other forms: telepathy referring to reception of information from another person (i.e. presumably mind-to-mind); premonition and precognition that refer to gained information about places and events in the future. The terms clairsentience and remote perception are often used in reference to psi phenomena falling under this broader context.

As with all psi phenomena, there is wide disagreement and controversy within the sciences and even within parapsychology as to the existence of clairvoyance and the validity or interpretation of clairvoyance related experiments (see Parapsychology).

Precognitive - Premonition

Premonition refers to a situation when future events are foreknown or forecast. Premonitions are usually treated as a result of paranormal or supernatural feat (see Cassandra myth). However, it is possible that the human mind is capable of forecasting an accurate view of the future.

Also see how to select a Spiritual Guide.

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