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The Psychic Dream

Common Types of Psychic Dreams and Their Meanings

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Dreams of Apparitions

These dreams involve people who are dead, whether you know the person or not. The prevailing theory is that in some form, some aspect of that person is actually communicating to you through your dream. Apparition dreams may or may not be purely symbolic, but all apparitions come specifically to convey a personal message. This personal message may not be for the dreamer, though. It is common, for example, for apparitions to appear to people who didn't know them very well, and to usually give a message to the dreamer to pass on to the loved ones the deceased left behind. Most often, this message is to let the family they love know that they are happy and to get on with their own lives.

Clairaudient Dreams

These dreams involve sounds in which you can clearly hear information.

Clairsentient Dreams

These dreams involve clear empathic feelings or sensations about an event that is occurring as you dream it.

Clairvoyant Dreams

Clairvoyant dreams are dreams that occur simultaneously with the dream experience of the event you see. There is absolutely nothing you can do about changing or preventing anything you see in a clairvoyant dream. Clairvoyant dreams are almost always experienced exactly as the event actually happened, involving less purely symbolic information than other psychic dreams.

Premonition Or Precognitive Dreams

These are also called futuristic dreams sometimes. They tell us what might occur in the future, not what will necessarily occur. They can be entirely straight forward, or purely symbolic. Precognitive or premonition dreams can be used as tools to prevent or change future events. If you take them as a warning ahead of time, they give you the option to change events.

Telepathic Dreams

These are dreams in which communication is made directly from one energy source to another without any mechanical assistance of any kind.

Sigmund Freud observed that "dreams create an environment with conditions favorable to telepathy” and often referred to dream telepathy in his clinical work with patients.

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"Sometimes dreams are wiser than waking" - Black Elk - Holyman of the Oglala Lakota Sioux

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