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Free Online Dream Dictionary

We present the most powerful free online dream dictionaries available online covering topics from A-Z. You will also find many biblical dream dictionary meanings to enhance your Christian spiritual dream analysis.

Our free online dream dictionary offers detailed explanations and definitions of common dreams and symbols like, pregnancy, numbers, cheating husbands and wives, sex, baby dreaming, spiders, animals, fish, dogs, cats, doves, wolves, death, tornados, fire, suicide, flying, falling, colors, and more. Dream Dictionary

Free Dream Interpretation Dictionary

Analyze dreams with our powerful Google search feature which helps you easily find free dream interpretation dictionary references to any aspect of your dreams. With this added capability we have a true free meaning of dreams dictionary website!

Because we have so many Christian and Bible references on our site, Spirit Community is a true spiritual dream dictionary. So when you have a dream and want an in depth dream dictionary analysis multiple pages of definitions and interpretation references will come up on your screen quickly. This makes our site a powerful dream tool for those of you who analyze dreams for a living or need to accomplish dream analysis as a professional.

Free Dream Dictionary

If all the above isn’t enough, we also offer, free dream dictionary downloads. Our dream dictionary tools will also point you to additional cross references such as common dream symbols, online dream e-books, scientific and psychological dream analysis literature and lessons on how to interpret dreams.

To make it quick and easy to interpret you dreams with our dream dictionaries any time, we have the “Bookmark This Page” and “Make Us Your Homepage” links so you can return at the click of your mouse.


Spirit Community offers a lot of free information to help you with dream interpretation, spirit and tea. Thank you for supporting our site.
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