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Spirit Community has one of the best collections of free audio Bibles on the Internet. Listen to our wonderful free audio Bibles online any time in mp3 or Real streaming audio format. Also download free audio Bibles in various versions. Free Audio Bible Set

You can listen to the World English Bible online in MP3 audio format, but we also have that version available online in Spanish and many other languages. You may also listen to or download the King James audio Bible, Listen online to the NIV audio Bible. - Greek audio Bible - and Hebrew audio Bible online for free too.

Audio Bible & Animated Video

We have, for purchase, the amazing animated Nest Family child and family audio Bible study series. This audio Bible series has interactive tools like workbooks, and free Internet activity games and puzzles to help children maintain the knowledge they’ve heard from the videos and Holy Bible audio. You’ll find audio Bible stories like Footsteps of Jesus Audio Book, audio Bible story books and Timeless Audio Bible Stories (classic Bible stories).

All these audio Bibles and videos are design to help build character, trustworthy, affordable, educational, and yet, entertaining. In fact, the vast variety of audio Bible stories and audio Bible study collections are excellent for families, home schooling, Sunday school activity, day care providers or libraries.

These numerous selections of audio and video Bible presentations can be considered an awesome audio Bible commentary library. Lastly, this series has a wonderful selection of audio Bible and Christian music.

Audio Bible Dramatized on CD and DVD

You may also purchase various versions of the dramatized audio Bible CDs and the complete King James or New Living Translation audio bible DVDs.

Listen or Download

Audio Bibles Online Listen to or download our great selection of free audio bibles in many versions and over 30 languages, and Christian audio tools online now.


Spirit Community offers a lot of free information to help you with dream interpretation, spirit and tea. Thank you for supporting our site.
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