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Flying : Dream Dictionary - Flying

Dreams are highly individual statements whose meanings vary according to the dreamer's personal symbolism and dreaming of flying is extremely common. Freud distinguishes between 'dreams from above', and 'dreams from below', implying that something from the superego (another kind of 'wish' perhaps) is going into the construction of the dream (not just as 'censorship'). It should be remembered that in Freud's schema the superego is also largely unconscious. Hence, he concludes that flying in a dream represents rising above a problem, ambition or the superego. Freud also believed that dreams of flying meant, “nothing else but the desire to be capable of sexual activity," Several other psychologists have agreed that flying dreams are connected with sex. Carl Jung's idea was that in a flying dream we are expressing our desire to break free of restrictions and limitations.

Like all dreams, though, interpretations are very personal. Flying in dreams could mean the dreamer is rising above problems in their waking life. The dreamer could be flying into a rage, the book points out or even flying in the face of fortune.

Flying events seem to be divided among those who fly spontaneously in their dreams and those who have a lucid dreaming event and choose to fly. In either case, the dreamers report powerful feelings of freedom during the flight. Flying as a spontaneous event often includes some special effort, like flapping one's arms, to get going. However, many people experience flight as soaring by a mysterious, jet-like power. These events are precipitated by a strong desire to travel or an imminent danger that requires escape. These flights allow dreamers to transcend circumstances and acquire a more favorable or safer perspective. What prompted the will to fly - was it danger or euphoria - and where did the flight lead? In addition to flying independently, dreamers may fly on bikes, cars, boats, or other non-airborne equipment. These flights are generally brought about by circumstances where the current means of travel suddenly became inadequate or endangers the dreamer. A good example of this type of flight would be a bicycle that becomes airborne rather than be struck by a car. This dream may reveal a dreamer that sees dangers as inconsequential.

To analyze your dream about flying, as well as any other, always write or record your dreams with as much detail as possible and remember the feelings associated with you dream. Use our search feature to assist in interpreting all the details of the dream and use our bookmark or “make us your home page” to visit frequently.

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