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Feelings in Dreams

With the use of our online dream interpretation tools you will learn the meaning of feelings whether positive or negative. Find interpretations in our online dictionary for abandonment, isolation, panic, falling, flying, fear, anger, joy, hate, love, lust, passion and much more. Although we have thousands of symbols and definitions, you may enhance your search for understanding with our Google search tool.

In addition to your dream symbols and images the overall feeling in your dreams are extremely important to remember as it affects the meaning and interpretation. This is the reason dream interpretation is so personal. Also, keep in mind that often the feeling you have while dreaming may mean just the opposite. Say that if you are the one being abandoned in your dream, it is a dream of the contrary and you may experience reconciliation or recovery from trouble or illness. Please remember that the unconscious is attempting to compensate for an imbalance in the conscious. For example if you are overly attached to someone in daily life, in the dream state you may be abandoned by him/her. This is an attempt by the unconscious to make you aware of your dependency.

Here is a personal dream example:

Throughout my life, mostly childhood and young adult parts, I often would dream of tidal waves with great fear and awaken in a panic. At the time, these nightmares used to make me believe that this would be the way I would die. However, after maturing and learning dream interpretation, I discovered that these tidal waves where a result of early abuse and a premonition of great challenges in life. I had to learn to overcome the awesome emotional impact of the Vietnam War and get better control of my emotions. Tidal waves often represent great emotional toil. I always survived in these tidal wave dreams and sought to rescue others. The outcome is the work I do with this website to help others globally. What I am attempting to point out is that there can be literal meanings to the feelings in dreams, but the outcome is usually positive and symbols have special meaning attached to them. Because water usually is a symbol of your emotional feelings in dreams, in contrast, dreaming of a pool or pond which has come waters, indicates the coolness or calm nature of your emotions.

Fear and panic are usually results of nightmares and post traumatic stress disorder symptoms. To get a better comprehension of how to deal with them and the feelings generated by them go to nightmares.

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