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DON'T WAISTE YOUR TIME WITH NON-PROFESSIONALS, WORK FORM HOME BOILER ROOM DREAM INTERPRETATION SCHEMES! Receive fantastic professional help interpreting and discovering the psychic meaning of your dreams by the developer of Spiritcommunity August H. Wald, Ph. D. He is a member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association, International Metaphysical Ministry Association, Fellow of the Holistic Life Coaches Association (F.H.L.C.A.) and a Certified Member of the Holistic Life Coaching Institute and has a vast array of knowledge, study, research and experiences accomplished in the area of metaphysics. Dr. Wald has written news articles, counselled worldwide on metaphysical and holistic health subjects, been interviewed by radio, the New York Times and currently is writing a comprehensive dream interpretation book for international distribution.

Uncover the hidden meanings of your dreams and through Wald's recommended psychics and dream interpreters. Resolve important issues in your life. The well studied, experianced and internationallly famous Dr. Wald (know as the "Psychic Dream Doctor") will help you obtain a deeper understanding of you love life, deal with finances, resolve grief issues through his psychic abilities. Dr, Wald is well versed on the body, mind and spiritual aspects of psychic dream interpretation. He also has Psychic and Intuitive Reading Ability to predict the future. His psychic abilities are from a spiritual perspective, but covers all manifestations of life and levels of consciousness. Often there are messages which can be validated from the Bible. Dr. Wald has had numerous spiritual dreams that were Biblical messages and have taught him to play music, swim and resolve long term problems. You will receive in-depth analysis by his highly recommended and psychics.

The amazing - (new website owner Island Teas) uses a holistic approach to dream interpretation so the meanings will deal with the spiritual, the subconscious and life's physical manifestations. - (new website owner Island Teas) agrees with Edgar Cayce that long before the importance of dreams were being examined by modern psychologists, Edgar Cayce - the most documented psychic of all time - was encouraging all individuals to work with their dreams. Cayce often counseled business professionals, housewives, students, health care professionals, children and all adults to examine their dreams as a means of gathering insights about their lives, their relationships, their hopes, their dreams, their health, their emotional state of being, and even their futures.

Many others have realized the importance of dream analysis like Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung and James Harvey Stout. Dr. Wald has linked up with Google to bring you highly experience psychic readers. If you really want answers, contact them now! You may also learn to develop your own dream interpretation, psychic abilities, and understanding of psychic dreams. or wish to contact one of our recommended psychic readers below:

Free Psychics Phone Reading

Top 100 Common Dream Themes and
The Most Common Dreams

Use Our Google dream search feature for dream dictionary analysis, the meaning behind dreams,
Christian dream meanings and more free meaning of dreams.

Dream Interpretation Instructions

To target your Google dream meaning search type "dream" before the word your are trying to interpret.
To find Bible or Christian meanings, type those words before the targeted dream symbol or theme
for which you are seeking dream definitions or analysis.
NOTE: Please keep in mind that spiritcomunity has many dream references, symbols, dictionaries and meanings within.
In order to improve or refine your dream analysis search, don't limit yourself to only one dream theme, keyword or phrase!

To obtain a better understanding or analysis of how to interpret your dream and their meanings, click these links:
| Common Dream Lesson | | How to Interpret Dreams |

| Animals |  Autos - Car |  Blood |  Baby |  Bath |  Bird - Birds |  Boat |  Boyfriend (Ex) |  Bridge |  Buddha - Christ |  Bugs |  Cat |  Chains |  Chase - Chased |  Cheating |  Child |  Celebrities |  Cliff |  Clothes |  Conflict - War |  Colors |  Cross |  Dancing |  Death - Dying |  Devil |  Demons |  Dirt |  Dog |  Drowning |  Eagle |  Earth |  Earthquake |  Eyes |  Eat - Eating |  Famous People |  Father |  Fighting |  Fish |  Flying |  Food |  Frog |  Girlfriend (Ex) |  God |  Guilt |  Gun |  Hair |  Hands |  Horse |  House |  Husband |  Insects |  Jesus |  Kill/Killing |  Ladder |  Lost |  Love |  Marriage |  Money |  Monsters |  Moon |  Mother |  Mountain |  Murder |  Nightmares |  Nudity/Naked |  Numbers |  Owl |  Penis |  People |  Pregnant/Pregnancy |  Rape |  Rat |  Relationships |  Road - Roads |  Rooms |  Run/Running |  School |  Sex |  Snake |  Spider |  Suicide |  Sun |  Teacher |  Teeth - Tooth |  Tornado |  Tree |  Urinating |  Vagina |  Violence |  War |  Water |  Wave -Tidal Wave |  Whale |  Wealth/Wealthy |  Wed/Wedding |  Wife/Wives |  Wolf/Wolves |

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