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Dream Dictionary

Our free dream dictionary helps you learn how to interpret
your dreams with the meaning of symbols.
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Alphabetically listed left to right

Baby Baby Carriages Bachelor Back Back-bite
Backgammon Bacon Badger Bag-Pipe Baghavad Ghitta
Bail Bailiff Bake-house Baking Balcony
Bald Ball Ballet Balloon Banishment
Banjo Bank Bankrupt Banana Banner
Banquet Bantam Baptism Bar Barber
Barefoot Barley-field Barmaid Barn Barrel
Barometer Baseball Basement Basin Basket
Baste Bass Voice Bath Bathroom Bats
Battle Bayonet Bay Tree Beacon-light Beads
Beans Bear Beard Beat Beauty
Beaver Bed Bedbugs Bed Fellow Bed-chamber
Beef Beer Bees Beetles Beets
Beggar Beheading Bier Belladonna Bell-man
Bellows Bells Belly Belt Bench
Bequest Bereavement Bet Bible Bigamy
Bicycle Billiards Birds Bird's Nest Birth
Birthday Birthday Presents Biscuits Bishop Bite
Blackberries Blackboard Blacksmith Bladder Blanket
Blasphemy Bleating Bleeding Blind Blindfold
Blind Man's Buff Blood Blood Stone Blossoms Blows
Blotting Paper Blushing Boarding House Boa-Constrictor Boasting
Boat Bobbin Bog Boiler Boils
Bolts Bomb Shell Bones Bonnet Books
Bookcase Book Store Boots Borrowing Bosom
Bottles Bouquet Bow and Arrow Box Bracelet
Brain Brambles Brandy Branch Brass
Bray Bread Break Breakfast Breath
Brewing Briars Brick Bride Bridge
Bridle Bridle Bits Brimstone Bronchitis Bronze
Brood Broom Broth Brothel Brothers
Brush Buckle Buffalo Bugle Bugs
Buildings Bull Bulldog Bullock Burden
Burr Burglars Burial Buried Alive Burns
Butcher Butter Butterfly Buttons Buttermilk

Common Dreams and Themes

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Animals, Autos/Car, Baby, Bath, Boat, Boyfriend, Bridge, Buddha, Bugs, Cat, Chains, Chase/Chased, Cheating, Child, Celebrities, Cliff, Clothes, Conflict, Colors, Cross, Dancing, Death, Devil, Demons, Dirt, Dog, Drowning, Dying, Eagle, Earth, Earthquake, Eyes, Father, Fighting, Fish, Food, Frog, Girlfriend, God, Goddess, Guilt, Gun, Hair, Hands, Head, Horse, House, Husband, Insects, Jesus, Kill/Killing, Ladder, Lost, Love, Marriage, Money, Monsters, Moon, Mother, Mountain, Murder, Nightmares, Nudity/Naked, Numbers, Penis, People, Pregnant/Pregnancy, Rape, Relationships, Rooms, Run/Running, Sex, Snake, Spider, Suicide, Sun, Teeth, Tornado, Tree, Urinating, Vagina, Violence, War, Water, Whale, Wife/Wives, Wolf/Wolves, Famous People

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