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Recurring Dreams

A Guide to Learning Dream Meanings

Simply put, a recurrent dream is just that, the same dream that occurs over and over to the dreamer.

The details of the dream may vary, but the dream theme, actions, feelings and symbols will virtually remain the same.

Listening to Your Unconscious

Recurring dreams are important because it is the subconscious or unconscious mind attempting to teach you something. Due to psychological denial and the many distraction of everyday life we are not always aware of important issues in our life or the resolution of certain problems.

Often your will find that the repetition of this dream will continue until an answer is discovered. This may be for months or even years. If you thought you resolved something and this continues to happen you unconscious mind is beckoning for you to dig deeper and search for the answers and meaning. Until then, this will continue.

This is why dreams occur during rem sleep - to help us remember what we need to learn.

Evolution of the Recurring Dream

Some recurrent dreams stay with a person for many years or perhaps a lifetime. They evolve very slowly, changing only a little at a time. Then one may have a small breakthrough and stay on a plateau for a period of time before the next breakthrough. This is especially true for those who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). In cases like this it is important to seek professional counseling.

An example of this is one of my own. I had many recurrent dreams about tidal waves throughout my childhood and adult life. After, receiving therapy for PTSD they ceased. What I uncovered was this meant there where tremendous problems and challenges to overcome during my lifetime as a result of childhood abuse and the Vietnam War experience. I always survived in these tidal wave dreams and tried to rescue others. The results of all this is this website whereby after surviving all these traumas I offer free dream interpretation help worldwide. I find great fulfillment in this mission and a wonderful spiritual sense of purpose.

Recurring Dream Content

Never fret over negative content in your recurrent dreams because, as I have described, it is a learning experience and is the road to deeper understanding and fulfillment. There is fantastic wisdom hidden in the unconscious! Also see Nightmares.
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