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Understanding Dreams

Please remember that dream interpretation is very personal and the meaning of symbols for any individual may depend on his/hers life experiences and psychic needs. It is also important to note that leaving a radio or television on while asleep interferes with meaningful dreams from within! AVOID EXTERNAL STIMULI.

In order to develop a better understanding of your dreams, make an effort to keep a dream journal. It does not have to be extensive. Upon awakening write down the most prevalent symbols, colors and events in your dream. Additionally, try to remember the mood of the dream or your feelings in it. As you are writing in your journal you can begin writing your own personal dream dictionary. In the back of the journal, you may keep a list of the most outstanding or powerful dream symbols. Also see How to Interpret Dreams.

The Edgar Cayce Readings Approach to Dreams

The famous American spiritualist and psychic, Edgar Cayce, contributed to the understanding of dreams from a spiritual perspective. In his writing he pointed out that dreams have six basic functions. They are (Thurson 1988):

1. Dreams give real experiences in the spiritual world.
2. Dreams provide a symbolic picture of current conditions in our lives.
3. Dreams offer contact with God.
4. Dreams instruct us in a lesson.
5. Dreams present a solution to a problem.
6. Dreams give us a glimpse into the future.

Although it is true that many of us do not make a conscious effort to remember our dreams, everyone dreams. During the early part of this century, while psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung were demonstrating the clinical importance of dreams, Edgar Cayce was providing average individuals with guidelines for working with what has become one of the most practical approaches to dreams. Hundreds of Cayce's readings deal with the subject of dreams and dream interpretation. Perhaps the most important insights gained from the wealth of this material is the fact that each of us is aware of much more-about ourselves, our physical bodies, our surroundings, even our lifestyles-at subconscious levels than we realize when we are awake.

In the dream state we open our minds to many different levels of our own unconscious. Not only are all of our previous conscious experiences stored there, but it is also the storehouse of resources which rarely come to conscious awareness. The subconscious has remarkable talents for finding solutions to problems. It houses all of our wishes, hopes, and memories of past experiences, and can also assist us with self-examination, providing practical guidance for any question. It even makes it possible for us to have psychic experiences.

Dreams can diagnose the causes of our physical ailments, point out the thoughts and emotions that we've tried to overlook, and often make suggestions for improving our relationships with others. While dreaming, we can gain awareness about our entire being: physically, mentally, and spiritually.

It was Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and contemporary of Edgar Cayce's, who found convincing evidence for a deep level to the unconscious mind. This profound depth, Jung felt, came from a genuine spiritual reality that hadn't been acknowledged by Freud. Jung called this level the "collective unconscious." Here all minds could communicate through the use of universal symbols - images which seem to have a common meaning among people all over the world. For example, a symbol such as a lion or a great cat has a universal or archetypal meaning of power and vitality. Birds frequently symbolize various kinds of love or concern; water is often suggestive of the Spirit itself. An old woman or an old man or a grandfatherly figure can symbolize our own "Higher Self' or our own internal wisdom. Myths or fairy tales often have similarities among cultures, and these similarities are shown through their universal symbols and themes. Sometimes our own dreams may contain these kinds of symbols.

Of course, not all the symbols and Images in our dreams represent the universal or archetypal. Many, if not most, are best interpreted by discovering the personal associations one has with that person or object. The dream symbol of a rifle, for example, would likely mean one thing to a gunsmith and something quite different to a victim of war.

There is really no such thing as a 'bad" dream because all dreams have the potential of helping the dreamer. Dreams of disastrous events may simply be advice to us to change our diets or our attitudes, or they may be emotional releases from the various situations In our lives. They can become invaluable tools in instruction and guidance if we would only begin to work with them.

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Top 100 Dream Symbols or Themes and
The Most Common Dreams

Use Our Google dream search feature for dream dictionary analysis, the meaning behind dreams,
Christian dream meanings and more free meaning of dreams.

Dream Interpretation Instructions

To target your Google dream meaning search type "dream" before the word your are trying to interpret.
To find Bible or Christian meanings, type those words before the targeted dream symbol or theme
for which you are seeking dream definitions or analysis.
NOTE: Please keep in mind that spiritcomunity has many dream references, symbols, dictionaries and meanings within.
In order to improve or refine your dream analysis search, don't limit yourself to only one dream theme, keyword or phrase!

To obtain a better understanding or analysis of how to interpret your dream and their meanings, click these links:

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