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Dream Guide

Use Our Google dream search feature, dictionary and online references to quickly analyze your dreams and discover their meanings. As dream interpretation experts, we provide you with free online tools and step-by-step approaches for you to easily unveil the often abstract meaning of dreams.

Free Dream Dictionary

Dream Dictionary - 1 Alphabetical dream definitions and free meaning of dreams online with links to the most common dream themes.
Dream Dictionary - 2 Traditional dream interpretations and definitions written by Gustavus Hindman Miller - 10000 Dreams Interpreted.

Dream Psychology

The Interpretation of Dreams by Sigmund Freud This online eBook presents scientific literature explaining the parameters of dreams, their contents, the material and source of dream, dream analysis and the psychological aspects of the dream process.
Carl Gustav Jung on Dreams Enhanced writings offers an approach called "From Dreams to Self Understanding," plus Carl Jung's basic dream theories, Jungian mind analysis, his brief biography and a link to Carl Jung's Collected Works.
Dream Interpretation with James Harvey Stout Online eBook consisting of 12 chapters explaining dreamscapes, dream interpretation, brain and body processes during dreams and sleep as well as lucid dreaming.

Dream Symbols & Christian Dream Interpretation

Dream Symbols This page is a quick reference to the meaning of the most common dream symbols, themes, colors and numbers with an online eBook about Christian dream interpretation.
Meaning of Dream Numbers Basic Definitions of dream numbers and in-depth references with links to meanings of Biblical numbers.
Meaning of Colors in Dreams & the Bible An analysis of Biblical meanings of colors with scripture references.
How to Interpret Dreams A simple method and approach to interpret and analyze dreams with quick reference links to common dream symbols.
Christian Guide Learn the definitions of Christian dreams and visions with Biblical references. We outline the foundation and principles for interpreting dreams from a spiritual perspective. Also, discover Biblical meaning in your dreams and how to interpret dreams in groups.
Dreams, Brainwaves and The Bible Extensive explanation of dream interpretation methodology, dream therapy and psychosychoanalysis, Edgar Cayce's approach to dream interpretation, states of consciousness and brainwave patterns - Alpha - Beta - Delta - Theta, self dream analysis, lucid dreaming, prophetic dreams, dreams in the Bible and principles of Bible dream interpretation with quick links to common dreams.


Dream eBooks Free online dream eBooks, Christian dream interpretation for download or online reading and links to free reference library eBook downloads.

Get Psychic Reading

Psychic Dream Readings About spiritual meanings to dreams by - (new website owner Island Teas) , his credentials, his dream philosophy and links to psychics to get your dream interpreted.
Psychic Development & Psychic Help An easy explanation of how to improve your own psychic ability and power with links to online and telephone psychic readings.


Nostradamus Predictions The historical writings of Nostradamus Quatrains by Century, Epistle to Henry II, Almanacs with his biography.

Dream Blog

Dream Interpretation Blog Keep up-to-date with the latest articles or discussions about dream interpretation or new features and products on spiritcommunity.com.


Spirit Community offers a lot of free information to help you with dream interpretation, spirit, and more. Thank you for supporting our site.
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