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Dream Symbols

Here you well find references to what meaning there is for all the dream symbols, themes and images that you experience while dreaming. It is extremely important to remember all the details of symbolisms in your dreams to comprehensively understand what the meanings are. Acquiring the ability to interpret your dreams is a powerful awareness tool. In analyzing your dreams, you need to learn about your deep secrets and hidden feelings through proper analysis of the details. No one is a better expert at interpreting the symbols, themes, images and feelings in your dreams than yourself. Every detail, even the most minute element in your dream is important and must be considered when analyzing your dreams. Look closely at the characters, animals, objects, places, smell, emotions, and even color and numbers that are symbolized in your dreams. We have definitions for thousands of keywords and symbols. So, in order to get a comprehensive understanding of your dream, use our search feature in addition to the dictionaries and we promise our dream pages and online tools will serve to guide you through a meaningful and personalized interpretation.

Common Dream Symbols

Discover what the most common symbolism in your dreams mean in dream analysis. Dream Symbol Meanings


Dreaming about Numbers has interpretations and so does the Bible. Number Dream Symbols

Colors in Dreams

Often people dream in color. Find out what they indicate in dreams and the Bible. Color Dream Symbols

Images in Dreams

Dreaming is a series of mental images and emotional feelings that represent important and spiritual messages.
Get answers to the frequently asked questions about them. Dream Symbols & FAQs

Sexual Dreams

Dreams about sex, genitals, a penis or vagina are very common. to research there meaning go to Sexual Dream Symbols

Dream Themes

Here is a quick reference to many of the most common dream themes. Dream Symbol Themes

Feelings in Dreams

Learn the importance of remembering the feelings in your dreams and the meaning of those emotions see Feelings as Dream Symbols.

Spiritual Dream Symbols

Angel Dream Symbol | Cross - Crucifix Dream Symbol | Devil Dream Symbol | God Dream Symbol
Heaven Dream Symbol | Jesus Dream Symbol | Spiritual Voice Dream Symbol

Dream Symbols of the Senses

Smell Dream Symbol | Odor Dream Symbol

Hearing as Symbols in Dreams:

What you hear in a dream may be a literal message, abstract or spiritual. However, in most cases, interpreting audio mesages in our dreams can be quit simple when they are literal. One must do careful analysis to delineate the meaning. Also, from time to time it is possible to have a spiritual or prophetic dream with the voice of God from angels, Jesus or just the voice of God. After such a dream, it is best to pray and read the Bible to verify its validity. These are by far the most important message symbols that one can experience if life. So, pay careful attention to them and do a thorough analysis to obtain their meaning. Also see God or Jesus and look for spiritual or biblical understanding.

NOTE: Make sure there is no television or radio is on while you sleep or it will induce symbols into your dream and cause false readings and interpretations.

Vision as Symbols in Dreams:

All of our dreams involve imagery. There are such an array of visual images in dreams one must use all of our tools on our site to assist in interpreting them.

Taste as Symbols in Dreams:

The dream significance of taste is actually pretty straightforward. If you dream of tasting something sweet, then you can take heart - life will be sweet. Eating highly spiced foods is an omen of romantic passion lying ahead, while foul or rotten-tasting foods indicate that someone around you is spreading rumors or otherwise working against you. Bitter or salty tastes indicate disappointments.

Touch as Symbols in Dreams: Touching

Most often touching in dreams involves kissing or sexual content. Use our search feature for specific dream meanings and definitions.

Use Our Google Search Above To Find More Dream Symbol Meanings

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