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Video Format Standards: Which Countries use NTSC, PAL or SECAM

Each country has a different video format standard. The United States uses a video standard called NTSC. The United Kingdom uses a video standard called PAL. Videos recorded in the PAL video standard will not look good on a NTSC VCR. Videos recorded in a NTSC video standard will not look good on a PAL VCR.

Worldwide video standards are divided into three catagories: NTSC, PAL and SECAM. Most of what is sold today in the USA is either NTSC or PAL. I think that the web sites below that say a country uses SECAM will also sell/use PAL. I think that PAL and SECAM are basically interchangeable and SECAM is becoming obsolete and being replaced by PAL.

The countries that use NTSC include much of North, Central and South America along with Cambodia, Japan, South Korea and the Philippines. The countries that use PAL include Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

Below are web sites that tell which countries have what video standards. Some web sites have some information others do not so I want to include a few different choices.

Christian Video Table of Centents




Video Standards & Equipment


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