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Christian Video Directory

Croatian Christian Videos

The addresses for the producers and distributors of Croatian Christian Videos are below the titles.

The first film City of the Bees is available from Moody Institute of Science.

Christian Video Table of Centents

City of the Bees ~ Moody Institute of Science (16 mm only)

Chrissy, Her Story ~ Gospel Media

Dust or Destiny ~ Moody Institute of Science ~ Bibel Mission (only distributor)

The Earth, A Young Planet? ~ Films for Christ ~ Gospel Media

Empty Cities ~ Moody Institute of Science ~ Bibel Mission (only distributor)

Essen Crusade ~ Billy Graham Evangelistic Association ~ Gospel Media

God of Creation ~ Moody Institute of Science (16 mm only)

Great Dinosaur Mystery ~ Films for Christ ~ Gospel Media

How the Bible Came to Be ~ Gospel Media

Jesus ~ Campus Crusade for Christ ~ Jesus Film Project

A Long Way Home ~ Gospel Media

No Apologies - the Truth about Life, Love & Sex (subtitles) ~ Focus on the Family ~ Send International

Origins (2 of the 6 part series) ~ Films for Christ ~ Gospel Media

(1) The Origin of the Universe ~ Films for Christ ~ Gospel Media
(2) The Earth, a Young Planet? ~ Films for Christ ~ Gospel Media

Pilgrim's Progress (16mm) ~ Intercomm

Prior Claim ~ Moody Institute of Science ~ Bibel Mission (only distributor)

Professor & the Prophets ~ Moody Institute of Science ~ Bibel Mission (only distributor)

Red River of Life ~ Moody Institute of Science (16 mm only)

Something to Shout About ~ Gospel Media

Where the Waters Run ~ Moody Institute of Science ~ Bibel Mission (only distributor)

World that Perished ~ Films for Christ ~ Gospel Media

Addresses for the Croatian Christian Video Directory

Bibel Mission

Bibel Mission
Birkenstrasse 2- 5
63868 Grosswallstadt
tel: (49) 06022-25271
fax: (49) 06022-25260
e-mail: BM-SEV.GERMANY@t-online.de

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association (BGEA)
Worldwide Pictures
1201 Hennepin Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55403 USA

PO Box 59235
Minneapolis, MN 55459-0235 USA
Churches/public showings: 1-800-733-4997
Home entertainment: 1-800-501-4557
Canada home entertainment: 1-800-661-9467
Canada: 1-800-567-5918
Wholesale or to broadcast: 1-800-788-0442
Free video catalog: 1-800-734-2323

Local phone number: (612) 338-3335
Worldwide Pictures 1-800-745-4318
You can also purchase WWP videos online.

Films for Chirst / Eden Communications

Films for Chirst / Eden Communications
PO Box 200
Gilbert, AZ 85299-0200 USA
Ph. (800) 332-2261
Web: http://EdenCatalog.com
E-mail: mail@eden.org

Focus on the Family International

Focus on the Family International
8605 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80920 or 90920 USA
(800) A-FAMILY (232-6459)
(719) 531-3400

They have a large list of Christian videos regarding the family including the Odyssey and McGee and Me videos "Sex Lies and the Truth" video has been used by God in the USA and some other places.

Gospel Media


Gospel Media
George Gvozdic
Hofwiesenstr. 143
8057 Zürich

Gospel Media
Miklosa Kumica 45
9000 Murska Sobota

Gospel Media
p.p. 98
31500 Nasice


Lane Anderson
1520 E. Winona Ave.
Warsaw, IN 46580 USA
ph: (219) 267-5834
fax: (219) 267-5876
www.intercommedia.org/ e-mail: lanejill@sprintmail.com

Jesus Film Project

Jesus Film Project
P.O. Box 72007
San Clemente, CA 92674-9207 USA
ph: (714) 361-4425
orders: (800) 432-1997
fax: 714-492-0381

On their web page, it has a list of all the languages available for the "Jesus" video.

Moody Bible Institute

Moody Bible Institute
Moody Video
820 N. La Salle Blvd.
Chicago, IL 60610
(312) 329-4352
800-647-6909 Resellers

SEND International

SEND International
10000 Zagreb
Croatia branch office
Steve Meeker

We are working with Focus on the Family to produce a subtitled version of, "No Apologies - the truth about life, love + Sex".

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