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Christian Video Directory

Below are ministries which have American Sign Language Videos. There are also Christian videos in Spanish Sign Language, Russian Sign Language, Costa Rican Sign Language, Korean Sign Language, Australian Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, Romanian Sign Language, Ukrainian Sign Language and Brazilian Sign Language. Some of the ministries that I am familiar with below are American Bible Society, Creation Science Evangelism, First Baptist Church, Focus on the Family, Gateway Films/Vision Video, Harvest Productions, Jesus Film Project, Rainbow Film Ministries, Bill Rice Ranch, Silent Word Ministry and VeggieTales closed caption.

American Sign Language Videos (Christian)

Christian Video Table of Centents

American Bible Society

American Bible Society
1865 Broadway
New York, NY 10023
email enole@americanbible.org
ABS provides the hearing impaired with Scriptures in American Sign Lang. in video , Bible stories in comic book format.

Australian Sign Language

Australian Sign Language
ph: 61-2-9605-7822
Translating the Bible into Australian Sign Language on video Ruth, Jonah and Mark now available on NTSC, PAL and others.

Baptist Church Planters

Baptist Church Planters
PO Box 836
Elyria, OH 44036-0836
Video " So Great Salvation " in ASL and Open Caption

Creation Science Evangelism

Creation Science Evangelism
C/o 29 Cummings Rd
Pensacola, FL 32503
Creation video on Creation-Evolution and Dinosaurs interpreted
email dino@drdino.com

Excellent ministry.

Deaf Media Ministries

Deaf Media Ministries
8614 Nerstrand Blvd
Nerstrand, MN 55053-2617 USA
TTY: 507-334-4192
Voice: 507-332-2182
(Videos and Christian Chat)
(English and Spanish / Espanol)

"Curious about life? Why born? Why life? Why death? God? Church? Who Jesus?

¿Está sordo? ¿Estácuriosa sobre la vida? ¿Por qué nació? ¿Por qué se vive? ¿Por qué va a morir? ¿Dios? ¿Iglesia? ¿Quien está Jesús Cristo?

For answers in ASL on free video tape...
Para respuestas en LSA de videocinta gratuita, envie sus nombre y direcciónes..."

Deaf Ministries List

Deaf Ministries List
Earl and Shirley Wilbers
221 W. Gay St
Harrisonburg Va 22802

Excellent web site has links to Christian and secular deaf and closed captioned videos, not all video ministries listed on the web site are doctrinally sound.

Deaf Missions

Deaf Missions
21199 Greenview Rd
Council Bluffs, IA 51503-4190
712-322-5493 V/TTY
Resources on deafness-videos for children and adults , Bible in ASL on Videotape- available ( over 30 books of the Bible done so far)

Deaf Media Ministries

Deaf Media Ministries
14880 Colorado Ave
Rosemount, MN 55068-4569
651-423-4238 TTY
email ddhcles@aol.com

Evangelistic videos in ASL and Spanish sign lang. Also Bible college courses on video.

Deaf Outreach Ministries

Deaf Outreach Ministries
2233 E. Lockwood
Wichita, KS 67216
email jsloan1@aol.com
Captioning Christian videos, international outreaches

Deaf Video Communications

Deaf Video Communications
25W560 Geneva Rd Suite 10
Carol Stream, IL 60188-2231
630-221-0909 V 221-9093 TTY
email library@deafvideo.com
Produces Christian videos in Sign Language and captions, Distributes them through a free lending library.

First Baptist Church

First Baptist Church
523 Sibley St.
Hammond, IN 46320
219-932-0711 V/TDD

Variety of videos for the deaf

Focus on the Family

Focus on the Family
Colorado Springs, CO 80995-7451
719-548-4601 TTY 800 -232-6459 V

Some Focus- produced videos captioned.

Florida First Coast Signing Videos Productions

Florida First Coast Signing Videos Productions
339 Willow Green Dr.
Orange Park, FL 32073

Workshops, produce videos to teach sign lang. deaf culture, deaf testimonies.

Gateway Films

Gateway Films
Vision Video
2030 Wentz Church Rd Bx 250
Worcester, PA 19490
800-523-226 to order
610-584-3500 Voice
email info@visionvideo.com

Christian videos (over 100) closed captioned , Children-adult.

Harris Communications

Harris Communications
15159 Technology Dr.
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-2277
800-825-9187 TTY 800-825-6758 V
email mail@harriscomm.com

Secular Deaf Culture videos include Christian videos also.

Harvest Productions ( E.B.M.)

Harvest Productions ( E.B.M.)
P.O. Box 2225
Kokomo, IN 46904
email harvestproductions@ebm.org

10 Videos captioned Children through adult.

Heartland Ministries

Heartland Ministries
(Mark Mitchum)
PO Box 14196
Arlington , TX 76094
817-861-9421 TTY/V
email MarkMitchum@worldnet.att.net

Jesus Film Project

Jesus Film Project
P.O. Box 72007
San Clemente, CA 92674-9207 USA
ph: (714) 361-4425
orders: (800) 432-1997
fax: 714-492-0381

On their web page, it has a list of all the languages available for the "Jesus" video.

The JESUS video is available in American Sign Language, Russian Sign Language, Costa Rican Sign Language, Korean Sign Language, Australian Sign Language, Japanese Sign Language, Romanian Sign Language, Ukrainian Sign Language, Brazilian Sign Language.

Joy Enterprises

Joy Enterprises
3800 N. Fairfax Dr. # 1301
Arlington, VA 22203

Joy of Signing videos.

KTF Productions

KTF Productions
PO Box 1583
Portage, MI 4901

"Great Awakening" video closed captioned.

Lets Sign Corporation

Lets Sign Corporation
4203 West Tilden ST.
Springfield, MO 65802
email joslins@compuserve.com

Videos -Books -novelty items.

Mennonite Media

Mennonite Media
1251 Virginia Ave
Harrisonburg, VA 22802-2497

"Beyond the News" video series "Money" open captioned "Facing Death " closed captioned.

Multi-Media Evangelism

Multi-Media Evangelism
1335 S. Providence Rd
Richmond, VA 23236
email 75053.232@compuserve.com


Bible Teaching videocassettes in ASL other Christian teaching videos.

NEST Entertainment

NEST Entertainment
6100 Colwell Blvd
Irving, TX 75039
Animated Bible Videos for children English, Spanish, or Open Captioned NestFamily Videos

Rainbow Film Ministries

Rainbow Film Ministries
2102 W. 34th St.
Houston, TX 77018-6003
800-777-8177 713-686-3441

Christian films and videos for rent and for sale. Many videos are closed captioned.

Reality Outreach

Rainbow Film Ministries
M.P.O. box 412
Niagara Falls, NY 14302-0412

Heavens Gates/Hells Flames video closed captioned and in ASL

Bill Rice Ranch

Bill Rice Ranch
Rt 2 Franklin Rd.
Murfreesboro, TN 37130
615-893-2767 V/TDD

Bill Rice Ranch
627 Bill Rice Ranch Road
Murfreesboro, TN 37128.
615-893-2767 (voice/TDD)
615-898-0656 (fax)

Ministry to deaf people - has deaf camps in the summer for adults and young people - Materials for the deaf - "Who can Forgive Sin" video - (other titles available).
Excellent ministry

Scripture Sign Project

Scripture Sign Project
PO Box 27
Middletown, NY 10940

Distribute video "Life of Christ" free to deaf.

Silent Word Ministry

Silent Word Ministry
Ted Camp
PO Box 889
Trenton, GA 30752
706-657-8000 V/TTY
Beginning Sign Language Videos, Evangelistic videos in ASL ministry to the unreached deaf. Many excellent materials for the deaf, including training manuals for deaf ministries, Scripture studies on various topics, and Sign Language materials, and videos for deaf people. Available to start deaf ministries.

Bible courses for the deaf
learn asl sign language-videos
American sign language video vocabulary
learn sign language from videos-includes abc's numbers and over 830 signs plus 100 practice sentences , two videos plus handbook, good for beginners and experienced signers $30 plus $4 shipping.

videos with Ted Camp and Ronnie Rice preaching
"The Deaf Can Be Strong"
"After you are Saved"
"God's Last Jugdement"
"sign language for everyone"
More titles available
Excellent ministry.

SonSign Productions

SonSign Productions
101 N.Beaumont St.
St. Louis, MO 63103
314-533-6035 V/TTY

Lending sign language library videos - worship services- Bible Studies Daily Devotional Videos for the Deaf.


Big Idea Productions
206 Yorktown Center
Lombard, IL 60148
630-652-6852 V

Approx a dozen videos closed captioned.

VeggieTales Closed Caption

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