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Christian Dream Interpretations & Guide

God in dreams in modern times is a much forgotten language, especially among many Christians. Christians who seek God in prayer may discover the quiet voice of God when dreaming, not just through a preacher at the Pulpit. This is one way the Christ may touch or reveal himself to you on a very personal basis!

Within these chapters and throughout our website you will learn to recognize God in your dreams from a Christian perspective. You will learn what dream symbols like Jesus, God and angels mean in dreams and how they have appeared throughout the ages. You will also find Bible references to spiritual dreams, interpretation principles, their meanings and reasons to listen for Godís voice. You may also download a free copy of the "Principles of Christian Dream Interpretation" below. May God enrich your Christian life through dreams!

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 Christian Dream Meanings
by August H. Wald, Ph.D.
 Page 1
 Defining Dreams and Visions  Page 2
 Biblical Reasons for Listening to Dreams  Page 3
 Scientific Observations Concerning Dreams  Page 4
 God in Our Dreams  Page 5
 Principles for Interpreting Dreams  Page 6
 Predictions  Page 7
 Interpretation Rules  Page 8
 Dream Recall  Page 9
 Dream Interpretation Examples  Page 10

Principles of Christian Dream Interpretation
Free e-Book Download

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