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Bible Dream Interpretation

Principles of Christian Dream Interpretation (Free e-Book)

Dreams & Spiritual Development
Designed as a guided self-study, you will be led to explore in detail the nearly 50 dreams recorded in the Bible. You will be asked many specific questions about each dream and given verses to refer to discover the answers. You will specifically be asked to explore each piece of symbolism in the dream, and to note exactly how God interprets this symbolism. In so doing, you will get a feel for how God interprets dreams. You will learn many practical, effective principles concerning how to interpret dreams, as well as things you can do to help you recall your dreams.

After you have done your own research, you may then turn here to compare your answers with those given. Truth is always more meaningful when you search it out yourself. However, once you have done so, it is wise to then compare and submit what you have discovered to others who have gone before you in researching the same area. This e-Book offers that opportunity.

Throughout our site you will uncover spiritual meanings to your dreams which will increase awareness of self and God by using our online search feature. We offer these free dream interpretation self help tools to enhance Christian living, improve Bible study, assist in psychological development and spiritual enlightenment with numerous cross references to the Bible and this free e-Book.

Read Christian Dream Interpretation

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