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Spiritcommunity offers a vast variety of free online Bible and Christian educational or entertainment tools for the family, Bible student, children, churches, libraries or schools in over 30 languages.

Free Online Bibles

Online Bible Bibles in various languages and versions with links to other references.

Bible Store

The Bible Buy Bibles online in many languages, formats and versions.

Audio Bibles

Online Audio Bible Free audio Bibles online in English, Spanish and many other languages, formats and versions.
King James Audio Bible Free KJB MP3 audio Bible download.
NIV Audio Bible Free New International Version audio Bible download in Real streaming audio format.
World English Audio Bible Listen to free in MP3 audio format online or download.

Christian Tools

Free Christian Music Free Christian Gospel, Hymns, Children's music and Scripture songs.
Contemporary Christian Music Free Contemporary worship music and songs in MP3 format for listening online or download. Links to lyrics and sheet music downloads.
Sermons Listen to free online audio sermons or read text covering the entire bible and all scripture based. Links to topical sermon outlines and preaching aids.
How to Pray A brief lesson on how to pray. Read or Listen to audio prayers, like The Lord's Prayer, Serenity Prayer and Prayer of Saint Francis.
Prayer Book Read online text and Adobe Reader pdf e-books on prayer by Edward M. Bounds.
Christian Dream Guide Learn the definitions of Christian dreams, spiritual meanings and visions with Biblical references. We outline the foundation and principles for interpreting dreams from a spiritual perspective. Also, discover Biblical meaning in your dreams and how to interpret dreams in groups.


Christian Videos Christian and Bible educational and entertainment video sources in many languages.

Bible Study

Free Bible Study Free Bible study and Theology School online, downloads, pdf Adobe Reader and links.
Free Bible Studies Free Bible studies of the Gospel or entire Bible online and downloads.
Bible Study Tools Free Bible commentaries, dictionaries, concordances, lexicons, maps and reference downloads for PC and handhelds..
Dream e-Books Free online dream e-Books, Christian dream interpretation for download or online reading and links to a free reference library.


End Time Prophecies Learn the definitions and about the events surrounding the end of this age and what the Bible says about them.

Bible Software

Bible CDs A powerful collections of 3 CD's with extensive Bible commentaries, concordances, dictionaries, topical references and Bible maps.
Family Library A huge CD and DVD collection of Christian and Bible works, history, Supreme Court cases, famous quotes, classic writings Charles Dickens to William Shakespeare recipes and herbal reference library. This fantastic and powerful set can be installed on both PC and handheld devices

Bible Downloads

Free Bible Downloads Download the Bible in html format in 30 languages and many versions.

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Advanced Bible Search Search the Bible in over 30 languages and by various versions.


Spirit Community offers a lot of free information to help you with dream interpretation, spirit, and more. Thank you for supporting our site.
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