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Index: Darby English Bible


Job 3

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3:1 After this, Job opened his mouth and cursed his day.

3:2 And Job answered and said,

3:3 Let the day perish in which I was born, and the night that said, There is a man child conceived.

3:4 That day -- let it be darkness, let not +God care for it from above, neither let light shine upon it:

3:5 Let darkness and the shadow of death claim it; let clouds dwell upon it; let darkeners of the day terrify it.

3:6 That night -- let gloom seize upon it; let it not rejoice among the days of the year; let it not come into the number of the months.

3:7 Behold, let that night be barren; let no joyful sound come therein;

3:8 Let them curse it that curse the day, who are ready to rouse Leviathan;

3:9 Let the stars of its twilight be dark; let it wait for light, and have none, neither let it see the eyelids of the dawn:

3:10 Because it shut not up the doors of the womb that bore me, and hid not trouble from mine eyes.

3:11 Wherefore did I not die from the womb, -- come forth from the belly and expire?

3:12 Why did the knees meet me? and wherefore the breasts, that I should suck?

3:13 For now should I have lain down and been quiet; I should have slept: then had I been at rest,

3:14 With kings and counsellors of the earth, who build desolate places for themselves,

3:15 Or with princes who had gold, who filled their houses with silver;

3:16 Or as a hidden untimely birth I had not been; as infants that have not seen the light.

3:17 There the wicked cease from troubling; and there the wearied are at rest.

3:18 The prisoners together are at ease; they hear not the voice of the taskmaster.

3:19 The small and great are there, and the bondman freed from his master.

3:20 Wherefore is light given to him that is in trouble, and life to those bitter of soul,

3:21 Who long for death, and it [cometh] not, and dig for it more than for hidden treasures;

3:22 Who rejoice even exultingly and are glad when they find the grave? --

3:23 To the man whose way is hidden, and whom +God hath hedged in?

3:24 For my sighing cometh before my bread, and my groanings are poured out like the waters.

3:25 For I feared a fear, and it hath come upon me, and that which I dreaded hath come to me.

3:26 I was not in safety, neither had I quietness, neither was I at rest, and trouble came.


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