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Job 6

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6:1 And Job made answer and said,

6:2 If only my passion might be measured, and put into the scales against my trouble!

6:3 For then its weight would be more than the sand of the seas: because of this my words have been uncontrolled.

6:4 For the arrows of the Ruler of all are present with me, and their poison goes deep into my spirit: his army of fears is put in order against me.

6:5 Does the ass of the fields give out his voice when he has grass? or does the ox make sounds over his food?

6:6 Will a man take food which has no taste without salt? or is there any taste in the soft substance of purslain?

6:7 My soul has no desire for such things, they are as disease in my food.

6:8 If only I might have an answer to my prayer, and God would give me my desire!

6:9 If only he would be pleased to put an end to me; and would let loose his hand, so that I might be cut off!

6:10 So I would still have comfort, and I would have joy in the pains of death, for I have not been false to the words of the Holy One.

6:11 Have I strength to go on waiting, or have I any end to be looking forward to?

6:12 Is my strength the strength of stones, or is my flesh brass?

6:13 I have no help in myself, and wisdom is completely gone from me.

6:14 He whose heart is shut against his friend has given up the fear of the Ruler of all.

6:15 My friends have been false like a stream, like streams in the valleys which come to an end:

6:16 Which are dark because of the ice, and the snow falling into them;

6:17 Under the burning sun they are cut off, and come to nothing because of the heat.

6:18 The camel-trains go out of their way; they go up into the waste and come to destruction.

6:19 The camel-trains of Tema were searching with care, the bands of Sheba were waiting for them:

6:20 They were put to shame because of their hope; they came and their hope was gone.

6:21 So have you now become to me; you see my sad condition and are in fear.

6:22 Did I say, Give me something? or, Make a payment for me out of your wealth?

6:23 Or, Get me out of the power of my hater? or, Give money so that I may be free from the power of the cruel ones?

6:24 Give me teaching and I will be quiet; and make me see my error.

6:25 How pleasing are upright words! but what force is there in your arguments?

6:26 My words may seem wrong to you, but the words of him who has no hope are for the wind.

6:27 Truly, you are such as would give up the child of a dead man to his creditors, and would make a profit out of your friend.

6:28 Now then, let your eyes be turned to me, for truly I will not say what is false to your face.

6:29 Let your minds be changed, and do not have an evil opinion of me; yes, be changed, for my righteousness is still in me.

6:30 Is there evil in my tongue? is not the cause of my trouble clear to me?


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