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SpiritCommunity, owned by Island Teas, has been online for many years and offers a unique free approach to dream interpretation by combining online dream dictionaries, dream interpretation lessons, scientific studies and spiritual references from the Bible via our fast, easy Google search feature. We have free online Bible study tools, audios and Christian music too. You also will find powerful Bible study software and psychic help. As an added health bonus we have a great tea shop with health benefit information and herbal weight loss program. As a result of utilizing our powerful online tools or products, it is our hope that you will achieve greater spiritual enlightenment and well being!

Be sure to use our fast and powerful Google search feature to find anything you are seeking concerning dreams, the spiritual or tea too.

Spiritcommunity is now owned and developed by Island Teas located on the beautiful sunny island of Tierra Verde in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The owner, Eric Wright, is a professional international chef and entrepreneur. Eric was born in Great Britain and has many years of experience as head chef on several cruise liners, developed numerous recipes, as well as custom blending herbal and flavored teas. Some of his products have been used on Food TV too.

All of Island Teas are procured freshly and seasonally directly from the brokers, off the ships, from all around the world and are the finest fresh harvested loose leaf, concentrated and powdered teas available in the entire United States. We currently sell teas retail or wholesale online only. Island Teas may be purchased at their Online Tea Shop. These fine quality teas are distributed to cafes', restaurants and their green tea powder is used by ice cream makers. All the herbs used in my blends are ethically gathered at peak potency. Our herbs and teas are free of pesticides and herbicides, and are not fumigated or irradiated. All the flavoring used in Island Teas blends are pure and natural.

Island Teas has a computer staff with over 100 years of combined computer and telecommunications experience, written many news articles and has a post graduate support staff with degrees in subjects like Holitic Health.


Spirit Community offers a lot of free information to help you with dream interpretation, spirit and tea. Thank you for supporting our site.
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